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Reimagine grants

These grants are designed to inspire creativity and increase stability in the sector.

Funding range:   £10,000 to £50,000

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The Reimagine programme supports organisations to develop or refresh their work in response to their current situation.

Please note - we are currently experiencing some technical problems with the grants portal. We strongly advise you to complete the Word application template first before copying and pasting across to the online portal. If you experience any difficulties with the online submission, please email the completed Word form, budget and supporting documents to programmes@artfund.org. The deadline is 5.30pm on Friday 26 May.

Through Reimagine, we can provide grants of £10,000 to £50,000 for projects that are:

  • Creative or innovative

  • Context-specific

  • Impactful

  • Engaging

In 2023, there is one key aim for the Reimagine programme. We want to fund projects that will help organisations reimagine their support for the workforce.

The term ‘workforce’ could include your colleagues, volunteers and/or your professional networks. We can support a range of activities that enable you to develop, diversify and/or sustain the sector in the face of the most pressing challenges.

We want to support your colleagues, volunteers and/or partners working in these priority areas: collections, exhibitions, and learning.

Our priority outcomes are: strengthening Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) within the sector; creating and improving opportunities for people to work in the sector; increasing and enhancing partnerships.

Funded projects might include, for example:

  • New staff members or tailored support from freelancers/external partners

  • Joint programming or knowledge- and skills-sharing via a professional network

  • Mentoring schemes, training or placements to open up new pathways into the sector

  • In-house training or wellbeing offers for staff and volunteers to boost skills, morale and retention over the longer term

  • Volunteer recruitment through outreach and events

  • Access and skills audits, along with new policies, strategies or advisory groups

  • New toolkits or updated best practice guidance for the sector

  • Some improvements to infrastructure, systems or equipment to enhance hybrid or remote working

For full details of the programme, including eligibility and how to apply, please see the Guidance for applicants.

Who can apply

Our funding is available to formally constituted, not-for-profit organisations. This could include charities, CICs and CIOs.

Most organisations we support will hold collections, which may include fine and applied art and design, archaeology and/or social history. They will also be committed to delivering activity that increases public access to these collections, which has public benefit and aligns with Art Fund’s charitable objectives.

Organisations may include, but are not restricted to, museums, galleries, historic houses, archives and libraries, agencies, and festivals.

For full eligibility details please see the Guidance for applicants.

Who cannot apply
  • Organisations that exist to make profit, including Private Limited Companies, Public Limited Companies, Unlimited Companies, or Sole Traders

  • General Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, or Limited Liability Partnerships

  • Organisations with a focus on music, drama, dance, and art forms outside the visual arts

  • Commercial organisations

  • Artists’ groups

  • Hospitals/healthcare settings

  • Places of worship

How to apply

Your application

Read the guidance

Download the Guidance for applicants which gives full details of the programme, including eligibility and how to apply.

Get in touch

If you haven’t found what you need in the Guidance for applicants, get in touch. You’ll also be invited to an online meeting.

Submit your application

For application forms and to apply, please log in to your My Art Fund account, or create an account. You must be registered as a professional user. If you already have a My Art Fund account, but are not registered as a professional user, you can add your professional details when logged in.

After you've applied

Complete paperwork

If your application is successful, we will send our offer paperwork to you by email.

Receive feedback

If your application is unsuccessful, we will explain the decision and offer brief feedback.

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