The Great Escape

The Great Escape

A new, UK-wide creative project for museums to engage with schools and families, inspired by the natural world around us. Coming soon.

Join The Great Escape

Take part in Art Fund’s next big adventure as we launch The Great Escape - a national participatory project taking place in the 2022/23 academic year.

What is the project?

The Great Escape will highlight museum, gallery and historic house collections at the centre of your communities across the UK. The project invites children and young people to explore the themes of nature and biodiversity and contribute to a national artwork that will be unveiled in spring 2023.

Why we need you

We are developing exciting, high-profile partnerships and inviting well-known artists and naturalists to help you connect with local communities and young audiences through storytelling and drawing workshops from September 2022. These activities will culminate in a nationwide family weekend in spring 2023. To make this a success, we need you!

Benefits for museums and galleries


High-profile UK-wide project

Be part of a major nationwide creative project to connect audiences and organisations outside the museum sector.


Exciting offer for schools

Connect with local schools, as well as other youth-led organisations in your community, with activities that tap directly into the curriculum.


New resources and best practice

Access practical and flexible learning resources designed with Art Fund, teachers and educational experts, and share best practice around sustainability, inclusivity and accessibility.


National evaluation and research framework

Contribute to a national evaluation and research framework exploring what teachers need, how art can connect us to nature, and how creativity inspires collective health and wellbeing.

Register your interest to join The Great Escape

Would your organisation like to participate? Simply fill in your details below. There are plenty of exciting project updates to come, but for now register your interest and we’ll be in touch with more soon.

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