Jonathan Ruffer curatorial grants terms and conditions

At the time of submission, we will ask you to confirm that these have been read and understood. At the time of claiming a grant if successful, you will need to sign an agreement saying that you accept our terms and conditions.

1. Art Fund will accept a maximum of two applications per individual per year for any size of grant.

2. Applications over £500 must be accompanied by a letter of support from the Director (or equivalent) of the museum by which the applicant is employed or within which they wish to undertake the research project. Applications cannot be considered without this letter.

3. Applications for £500 or less do not need to be accompanied by a letter; however the application must be submitted with a statement to confirm the Director (or equivalent, as above) endorses the application.

4. Applications are administered by Art Fund. Decisions on applications are made by members of a committee convened by Art Fund and chaired by Anthony Mould. Its decisions are final.

5. The committee may choose to award a smaller grant than requested, towards specific elements of the application only.

6. Grants will be paid to the bank account of the supporting museum, gallery or institution with charitable status. Grant recipients must therefore reclaim any expenditure in the first instance from their institution. We cannot refund grants to individuals. Art Fund must be satisfied that the recipient body is eligible to take receipt of a grant in line with our due diligence procedures.

7. Grant recipients must be able to prove expenditure to Art Fund through submitting a financial statement.

8. 90% of the grant can be paid up front following the submission of an invoice by the recipient’s employer/institution. 10% of the agreed grant will be withheld until the grant recipient submits a financial statement and report on their project.

9. In the event of any under spend Art Fund reserves the right to reclaim all or any part of the unspent funds. Art Fund also reserves the right to require you to submit receipts for any expenditure claimed.

10. Recipients will be expected to submit a report with their financial statement that assesses the funded activities with regards to the development of the individual’s curatorial expertise and the actual or potential benefit to museum collections. As a guideline such reports should not be more than three pages in length - and must include a selection of images.

11. Applications that have not been discussed in advance with the Programmes office will not be accepted.

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