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Thinking of buying a National Art Pass?

What is the National Art Pass?

The National Art Pass is the membership card issued to Art Fund members.

It is a passport to art, giving you the freedom and flexibility to explore art across the UK, with free entry to 225 museums, galleries, historic houses and castles across the UK that normally charge, discounted access to hundreds more, and up to 50% off major exhibitions.

But there is much more to it! All National Art Pass proceeds help the Art Fund to fulfil its mission to help museums and galleries buy and show works of art for everyone to enjoy. By owning a National Art Pass you are playing a vital part in supporting our public collections and ensuring that significant works of art can be seen by all. You win, the museums win.

Buy yours online now or contact our supporter services team.

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Where can I use my National Art Pass?

The National Art Pass is a passport to art. You can use it in over 700 museums, galleries, castles and country houses across the UK, so wherever you are, you are never without art.

Out of these, the National Art Pass gets you into over 225 museums and galleries for free that would otherwise have an admission fee attached, reduced entry in many others and 50% off major exhibitions, including those at the British Museum, National Gallery, Tate and the V&A, to name just a few.

Search for the UK’s best museums and galleries, from the world-famous to the hidden gems you’ve yet to discover, with our online Art Map.

Feeling adventurous? Check out our Weekend Inspiration page with great suggestions on how to make the most of your weekends and discover hidden gems with your National Art Pass. You can also download our free Art Guide app, the ultimate guide to seeing and experiencing art across the UK, now available on Apple, Android and Windows phones, and tablet devices.

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Can I make use of my membership straight away?

Your National Art Pass is proof of your Art Fund membership, and participating museums and galleries will require you to show a valid physical card in order to enjoy free or discounted entry to the venue and/or exhibitions.

Some museums and galleries may allow you to book tickets in advance by quoting that you are an Art Fund member; however, you will be required to present your card on collection of your tickets/entry to the venue.

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Which type of National Art Pass is best for me?

The National Art Pass can be bought for yourself or given as gift.

There are four types to choose from:

  • Single – annual membership for an individual.
  • Double – ideal for two art lovers living at the same address. Includes named cards for two adults.
  • Family – also includes two cards, each admitting the named cardholder and children under 16 in the family.
  • Under 26 – an annual card for members aged 26 or younger at the time of purchase.

Both Single and Double are also available as Life memberships.

Buy yours online now or contact our supporter services team.

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When will I receive my National Art Pass?

Standard delivery is by Royal Mail second-class service. Please allow ten working days from the date of purchase for your National Art Pass(es) to arrive.

We offer an express delivery service for new memberships and gifts, which costs £6.95. This means that you will receive your card(s) within two working days from the date of purchase, eg if you buy a National Art Pass on a Monday, the card will be with you on Wednesday by 1pm.

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Can I buy a card in person from your offices/shop?

We don't have public premises where you can buy a National Art Pass in person, but we do offer a express delivery service by which we guarantee that you will receive the card(s) within two working days from the date of purchase.

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Can I buy a gift National Art Pass by Direct Debit?

Given the nature of gift memberships and the administration costs involved, we are unable to accept payments by Direct Debit for gifts at present.

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Are there any terms and conditions of membership?

Yes, you can find these on our terms and conditions page.

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Existing member

I have lost my National Art Pass, what shall I do?

If you have set up an online account on our website, you can request a free replacement card straight away. Simply click in the 'National Art Pass' and select 'Request new card' from the list on the right-hand side of the screen.

Alternatively, please drop us a line at and we will arrange for a free replacement card to be sent free of charge. Please note that any subsequent replacement cards will incur a small administration fee.

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When will I receive Art Quarterly magazine?

Our magazine, Art Quarterly, is mailed to members in the first week of March, June, September and December.

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Can I lend my National Art Pass to a friend or relative?

No, your National Art Pass is proof of your Art Fund membership and is non-transferable.

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I haven't received my card. What shall I do?

If you have just joined or renewed your membership, you should receive your National Art Pass(es) within a maximum of 10 working days from the date of purchase. If you have waited for more than 10 working days, simply drop us a line at including your full name and address, and we will arrange for a replacement to be sent straight away.

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I would like to cancel my membership

We are always sad to see a member go, but if your circumstances have changed and you have decided not to renew your National Art Pass, simply drop us a line at

If you have set up a Direct Debit instruction for your membership, we will always write to you well in advance before your membership is due for renewal to inform you of the date and amount of your next annual payment by Direct Debit.

To ensure that we can cancel your membership on time and prevent your bank account being debited, please do get in touch with us as you as you receive this letter, and no later that at least five working days before the day your next payment is due to be taken.

Please note that in order to complete your cancellation, you will be required to return the National Art Pass(es) to us by post. Alternatively, you can send us instead an email with an image of your new card(s) cut in half.

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What do you use my personal details for? Do you sell my details to other organisations?

Art Fund respects your privacy and we will never bombard you with unsolicited 'junk' emails or letters, and we do not sell your details to other parties who may do so.

We use your contact details to send you communications about your membership and information on how to make the most of your National Art Pass. For example, we use the address that you have provided to send you copies of our magazine Art Quarterly, and we use your email address for 'Art in your inbox', our fortnightly e-newsletter bringing you ideas for great days out, must-see exhibitions and the latest Art Fund news straight to your inbox.

From time to time, we will also get in touch to keep you up to date with our activities, including our campaigns to save works of art for the nation. If you prefer not to receive certain type of letters or emails from us, simply get in touch with our supporter services team and these will be stopped.

Only on very specific occasions we may share your details with museums and galleries or relevant partners, but we will always ask you for your permission first, eg if you have donated towards a specific appeal to buy an important work of art for a museum, we will ask you at the time of your donation if you will be happy for this museum to get in touch with you in the future.

In some instances we may use your information in combination with publically available information to determine the likelihood and possible level of future donations, to inform our approaches to you. To opt out of your information being used for these purposes please contact our Supporter Services team.

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Why can I no longer choose the design of my National Art Pass?

Following a redesign of the National Art Pass in February 2017, we took the decision to no longer include a work of art on the card, therefore also removing the option for the member to choose their card. Instead the design has been simplified and is more instantly recognisable as a National Art Pass. Making it easier to identify at our partner venues and improving your visiting experience.

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Why have you sent me a card without my chosen design on it?

We have changed the design of the National Art Pass and no longer offer the option to choose a card design. Instead the design has been simplified and is more instantly recognisable as a National Art Pass. By improving the clarity of the card in this way means that it is more easily identifiable at our partner venues.

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Direct Debit

I am thinking of setting up a Direct Debit. What does it commit me to?

Direct Debit is a secure and convenient way of paying for your National Art Pass. Not only you will helping us reduce our administration costs so that more of your subscription is spent on supporting museums and galleries, you will be also protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee. This means that:

  • We will always get in touch with you in advance before any payment is taken from your account. We are required to give you at least five working days, but the Art Fund will actually write you several weeks in advance of your annual renewal to ensure that you have sufficient time to make any changes if you wish so.
  • If an error is made either by your bank or the Art Fund, you are guaranteed an immediate and full refund by your bank.
  • You can cancel your Direct Debit instruction at any time by contacting either your bank or us.

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I have changed banks. How do I update my Direct Debit details?

Please contact our supporter services team on 0844 415 4100.

For security reasons, we strongly recommended members to not send us their full bank account details by email.

Prefer post? Simply print this form and return it to us to the freepost address provided.

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I set up a Direct Debit last year. Why has my subscription fee changed?

Choosing to pay by Direct Debit is a way of making subscription go much further, as you are helping us to reduce our administration costs and spend more of your subscription on supporting museums and galleries.

When you set up a Direct Debit instruction for the first time, you enjoy a 25% discount on your first year as a thank you for supporting us in this way. This is a one-off discount to encourage supporters to use this payment method and on subsequent years the full rate applies.

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Gift Aid

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is a government scheme that allows charities such as the Art Fund to reclaim from HMRC the tax you have paid on subscriptions and donations. This means that if you are a UK tax payer and you tick the Gift Aid box, we will obtain from HMRC an additional 25p for each £1 you give us, and this doesn't cost you a penny more!

Giving us an extra 25% at no extra cost to you is easy:

  • Follow the 'Gift Aid it' link in the National Art Pass section of your online account and start Gift Aiding in just one click


  • Send an email to with your name, address and telephone number, and a member of our team will get in touch with you to take your Gift Aid declaration securely over the phone and answer any queries you may have.

Alternatively, you can also download and print this form and return it to us by post using the freepost address provided.

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Can I Gift Aid my National Art Pass? How much will you receive?

Absolutely, yes!

If you are buying or renewing a National Art Pass for yourself, you can Gift Aid your total annual subscription and help us obtain from HMRC an additional 25p for each £1 you give us.

Due to their nature, life memberships and National Art Passes bought as a gift for someone else are unfortunately not eligible for Gift Aid.

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I am not sure if I can opt in to Gift Aid. Is there any criteria?

In order to Gift Aid your subscriptions and/or donations to the Art Fund:

1. You must be a UK tax payer

2. What you pay in income and/or capital gains tax in each tax year (6 April to 5 April) must at least equal the total amount that all the charities and community amateur sport clubs that you support with Gift Aid will claim for your donations. The charities will claim 25p for each £1 given.

You pay UK income or capital gains tax if any of the below applies to you:

  • income tax is taken from your wages or salary before you receive your pay.
  • you pay tax after filling in a self-assessment form each year.
  • you have taxable savings, or a pension plan, or investment income.
  • you have paid any capital gains tax, eg on the sale of a property or some shares.

Please note that other taxes such as council tax and VAT do not qualify as income or capital gains tax.

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