Art Happens

1. A donation through the Art Happens platform is a donation to the Art Fund who will claim Gift Aid where applicable.

2. The Art Fund undertakes to pass your entire donation plus any associated Gift Aid to the museum you have chosen to support for the purposes of realising the project.

3. All donations are non-refundable in the case of a fully funded project.

4. If your donation is received after a project has reached its funding target, your money will go to the museum or gallery in question for use in connection with its general purposes and you will receive your selected reward. Please see (14.) for the Together for Museums campaign.

5. If the project which you have chosen to support does not go ahead for whatever reason we will contact you and offer you the option either to redirect your donation to another project and select a different reward or to have a refund of your donation.

6. You will be able to follow the progress of your selected project by logging in to your Art Fund account.

7. Merchandise-based rewards will be dispatched to donors as soon as they are available – this may not be until the project is realised, as they may depend on images or assets related to the fully completed project. As merchandise-based rewards are given in response to a donation being made, they are non-returnable and cannot be exchanged for other goods and services. Should an item be damaged in transit it is eligible for replacement if it is returned to the Art Fund head office, 2, Granary Square, London N1C 4BH within 10 working days of being received.

8. Events-based rewards will be provided by the party indicated, on the dates and in the manner described on the Art Happens section of the Art Fund’s website. Events-based rewards are not transferable and no cash alternative will be provided.

9. Your contact details may be passed to the museum that is conducting the project in order to provide you with your selected reward. All data is held and processed by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

10. You must not use borrowed, stolen, or forged payment methods to make your donation. Should you do so, you agree to accept full responsibility for such action and to indemnify the Art Fund in respect of all actions, claims, damages, liability, fees, costs and expenses whatsoever that arise as a result of your actions.

11. Art Fund is not responsible for the content of third party websites.

12. Art Happens gift cards and certificates can be used to support any Art Happens project at, up to the value placed on the card or certificate. They are valid for twelve months from date of purchase and can not be exchanged for cash or to purchase membership.

13. Donations to the Together For Museums Art Happens crowdfunding campaign using the online donation form at will be matched, pound for pound, thanks to the generosity of a private donor - the match funding will be used for new donations received from 14.00hrs on 21 January 2021, up to a total amount of £182,500. Donations received once this total amount has been reached, and Gift Aid, do not qualify for match funding.

14. Donations to the Together for Museum campaign will be used by Art Fund to make grants to Museum projects as part of its Respond and Reimagine programme. Through Art Happens Art Fund is aiming to raise £1 million, all donations given to this campaign whether we exceed or fail to reach the £1 million target, will be applied to our Respond and Reimagine programme.

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