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World of Wedgwood opens to the public

17 July 2015

The redeveloped Wedgwood headquarters are unveiled today, including a redisplay of the collection which was saved by an Art Fund campaign last year.

Loan of Wedgwood Collection to Barlaston finalised

2 December 2014

The Art Fund’s purchase of the Wedgwood Collection, its gift to the V&A, and its loan from the V&A to Waterford Wedgwood Royal Doulton were all confirmed in back to back transactions on 1 December 2014, ensuring the collection will remain on display at the Wedgwood Museum in Barlaston.

Wedgwood Collection saved

3 October 2014

We're thrilled to announce that our appeal has been a great success – two months ahead of our 30 November target.

Wedgwood: The Empress and the Frog

23 September 2014

An anglophile empress, a Finnish frog marsh, and one of the most ambitious ceramic projects of all time – Matthew Sweet tells the story of Wedgwood's greatest triumph.

Q&A: Alison Wedgwood

19 September 2014

Alison Wedgwood is the daughter-in-law of Alan Wedgwood, Josiah I’s great-great-great-great grandson. From Wedgwood obsessives in Bangalore to a painting that captured a moment in time, she tells us what the Collection means to her.

Wedgwood campaign hits £2m

19 September 2014

The Art Fund's appeal to save the Wedgwood Collection has raised an incredible £2m in just three weeks, thanks to an extraordinary £1m in donations from the public and unprecedented support from major donors, trusts and foundations.

Wedgwood-Darwin: Friendship to dynasty

12 September 2014

From a leading mind of the Enlightenment to one of the 21st century's greatest sculptors, two families have shaped Britain for nearly 300 years.

Art News – weekly round-up

5 September 2014

Our appeal to save the Wedgwood Collection, Horst dazzles at the V&A and a giant dinosaur is discovered – we round up the top art stories of the week.

Wedgwood: The legacy must live on

4 September 2014

Artist, chemist, industrialist and innovator, Josiah Wedgwood was a towering figure of the Enlightenment, writes AN Wilson.

Help save the Wedgwood Collection

1 September 2014

The Art Fund has launched an appeal to save the Wedgwood Collection – a unique record of over 250 years of British art and history – from being separated and sold off.

Video: Save the Wedgwood Collection

1 September 2014

Watch our campaign video, in which Tristram Hunt MP, design critic Alice Rawsthorn, Wedgwood Museum director Gaye Blake-Roberts and Art Fund director Stephen Deuchar make the case for saving the Wedgwood Collection.

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