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Iconic Elizabeth I portrait saved

29 July 2016

We’re thrilled that our public appeal, along with a £7.4m Heritage Lottery Fund grant, has enabled Royal Museums Greenwich to acquire the Armada Portrait.

Armada Portrait appeal reaches £2.7m

30 June 2016

Thanks to the huge generosity of the public, our appeal with Royal Museums Greenwich to save the Armada Portrait of Elizabeth I is shaping up to be one of our most successful appeals of all time.

Five iconic portraits of Elizabeth I

21 June 2016

Queen Elizabeth inspired hundreds of portraits during her long reign, including the Armada Portrait, which we are fundraising to save for the nation. Follow her transformation from a fledgling monarch to the indomitable and almost mythical Virgin Queen through five other iconic depictions.

Elizabeth I's portraits: Image and power

2 June 2016

James Hall reflects on the personal and political narratives concealed within the portraits of Elizabeth I, arguably the first monarch to understand the importance of image as a means of projecting power.

Five secrets of the Armada Portrait

31 May 2016

The Armada Portrait of Elizabeth I is packed with symbols, and was designed to be a show of strength and majesty. Here, we look at five of those symbols and what each could mean.

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