Five museum stocking fillers

  • Published 14 December 2016

We've found five art-inspired gifts that are guaranteed to please this festive season.

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William Morris Says Don’t Relax T-shirt

When the legendary artist, designer and social activist died, his physician declared that the cause was 'simply being William Morris, and having done more work than most ten men'. Inspire your less industrious friends with this slogan t-shirt paying tribute to art's hardworking hero, originally created to accompany the gallery's popular Love is Enough exhibition in 2014.


Cheburashka toy

  • £25, GRAD
  • 15% off shop purchases with National Art Pass

Since first appearing in a 1965 children's book by Soviet writer Eduard Uspensky, this large-eyed large-eared animal has become so beloved in Russia that he was chosen as the Olympic team mascot and given his own song. Despite being entirely fictitious, some children have been known to ask to see the Cheburashka on their trips to the zoo. Give this toy version a squeeze and you'll hear sounds from the character's cartoon movie.


David Shrigley playing cards

It's hard to keep a poker face while using these David Shrigley-designed playing cards. Strikingly illustrated and humorously annotated, the artist brings to life the kings, queens and jacks of the pack with his trademark sardonic wit. A word of caution to the straight-laced however; Shrigley's drawings do get 'a bit sweary'.


Art Speak: A Glossary

A handy glossary for deciphering contemporary art lingo, the book was borne from the idea that language is often a barrier to our understanding and enjoyment of what we see in a gallery space. Devised by Recreative, it includes contributions from artists, curators and cultural commentators whose wisdom will help you to navigate 'the jungle of words' that often populates press releases, catalogues and cocktail party conversations.


Barbara Hepworth planter

Hepworth believed sculptors should embrace 'all things that grow and live', making this adorable planter a fitting tribute to her life and work. Created by ceramicist Alex Sickling especially for the artist's namesake gallery, each design is made by hand in order to give it its own unique character.

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