Competition: British Masterpieces

  • 7 November 2016

We're giving you the chance to win a framed print of a British masterpiece.

 The Fighting Temeraire, 1839, Joseph Mallord William Turner

The 98-gun ship Temeraire played a significant role in Nelson's victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. The ship remained in service until 1838 when it was decommissioned and towed from Sheerness to Rotherhithe to be broken up.

The painting is thought to represent the decline of Britain's naval power, but Turner's main concern was to evoke a sense of loss, rather than to give an exact recording of the event.

Turner was in his sixties when he painted The Fighting Temeraire. It shows his mastery of painting techniques to suggest sea and sky. Paint laid on thickly is used to render the sun's rays striking the clouds.

This December marks 165 years since Turner's death and we are giving you the chance to win a framed print by the iconic painter. The lucky winner will receive a framed print of The Fighting Temeraire, 1839. Simply answer the question below to be entered and read the terms and conditions. You have until 23:59 on 20 November to enter.

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