Quiz: Which autumn exhibition should you see?

  • 31 August 2016

Take our quiz and we’ll help you find your must-see show of the season.

  • Which autumn blockbuster should you see?

    This season has everything on offer from mediaeval embroidery to avant-garde performance art. But what to see first?

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    Which of these images do you like most?

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    Pick a shade of blue

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    What do you look for in an exhibition?

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    Where would you rather spend a long weekend?

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    Who are you most likely to take to an exhibition?

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    At dinner parties you are most known for...

  • You should see:

    South Africa: art of a nation

    You are driven by a strong desire to learn and are interested in almost any topic. Your eagerness to learn means you have read a lot of books, seen many films and traveled far and wide. You would prefer to visit a museum in a big, bustling city with a long history.

    South Africa: the art of a nation at the British Museum will satisfy your curiosity because it draws together items from across the centuries to document South Africa's history in a powerful visual display.

    You should see

    Opus Anglicanum: Masterpieces of English Medieval Embroidery

    Known among your friends as the one with obscure knowledge, you are quiet, keenly observant and often nominated as the captain of the pub quiz team.

    The intricate, 13th-century embroidery in Opus Anglicanum: Masterpieces of English Medieval Embroidery at the V&A is the perfect exhibition for someone as keen to learn as you are. The exhibition provides a rare opportunity to see an incredible array of surviving examples in one place – some of which have not been displayed in Britain since they were produced.

    You should see


    You are a kind, funny and occasionally lewd person who values friendship above almost anything else. You are fascinated by all people and have many friends from different backgrounds, countries and beliefs.

    You will enjoy the show Flesh at York Art Gallery because it offers a valuable insight into the ways artists have painted people, animals, and their bodies.

    You should see:

    Yves Klein

    You are known to your friends, family and colleagues as a poetic, deep thinker with a slightly aloof character. Your interests are broad and are not concerned with what other people make of you. You would prefer to visit a museum in a smaller city known as much for its art as it is for its music and theatre.

    Yves Klein at Tate Liverpool is perfect for you because the artist was known for going against tradition, for audacious experiments and for his elusive blue monochrome paintings. It is the first UK display of Klein’s work in more than 20 years and brings together major works never before seen here.


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