Art matchmaker: who will be your sweetheart?

  • 6 October 2015

Bohemian model with a love of parties or theatre obsessive with a social conscience? Find your artistic heart-throb with our quiz.

  • Find your creative match

    When it comes to art, it’s not just what you can see on the outside that counts. We help you get to know the subjects of some of the most famous portraits and decide who should be the apple of your eye.

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    How would you meet your creative match?

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    You go on a date to a gallery. Whose exhibition would you see?

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    If you had a bad day, they would...

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    Fanny Cornforth

    Fanny Cornforth was the model, mistress and housemaker of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Outgoing, outspoken and strong-willed, she was a bohemian within Rossetti’s circle. With someone like Fanny Cornforth, you will find yourself at spontaneous parties and constantly running to the pub (where she might be the owner).

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    Hendrickje Stoffels

    Hendrickje was Rembrandt’s maid, but soon became his lover. They never married: if Rembrandt married her, he would have forfeited the inheritance of his first, late wife Saskia. Although Hendrickje faced severe social disapproval of her relationship with Rembrandt, she stayed with him for the rest of her life. With someone like Hendrickje Stoffels, you know you have a partner for life.

    Your match is...

    Charles Dickens

    Dickens is considered to be one of the greatest novelists of the Victorian era, but his story is one of rags to riches. Before turning to write, he spent his younger years working 10-hour days in a factory. Dickens’s indignation of the conditions faced by the working classes became key themes within his works and campaigns.
    You are probably a culture vulture like Dickens. You enjoy going to the theatre (Dickens claims he went everyday for three years!) and making your opinion heard.

    Your match is...

    Anthony van Dyck

    He was Peter Paul Rubens’s best pupil and went on to become the leading court painter in England. Anthony van Dyck’s style of painting influenced English portrait-painting for over a century. From his early twenties, Van Dyck was showing signs of his love for the luxurious and extravagant. With someone like Van Dyck, you’d need to be strong-willed and ready to take away his wallet before financial oblivion.

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