Quiz: Which Wonderland character are you?

  • 28 April 2015

Are you the life and soul of the tea party or a timid type with bad time management? To celebrate the opening of The Alice Look at the V&A Museum of Childhood, we help you find your Wonderland alter-ego.

  • Find your Wonderland alter-ego

    In 1865 Charles Lutwidge Dodgson – pen name Lewis Caroll – published the novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland based on a story he had invented for the young children of his friend, Henry Lidell. One hundred and fifty years later it is a multi-million copy bestseller, with Queen Victoria and Oscar Wilde among its many devoted fans.

    Find out which Wonderland character you are with our quiz.

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    You're falling into Wonderland. Choose a companion to accompany you

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    You're invited to a tea party. You wear...

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    You've angered a chain-smoking caterpillar. He's cross because...

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    You realise it's your un-birthday ‒ hooray! You celebrate with...

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    You're falsely accused of stealing a plate of jam tarts. You...

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    I'm sorry, what did you say?

  • You're...


    Alice is an incurable daydreamer, described by Carroll as 'loving and gentle, courteous to all, trustful and wildly curious'.

    Did you know...?
    Despite the fact Alice's blue dress has become iconic of her character, John Tenniel's first colour illustrations for the book show her wearing yellow.


    The White Rabbit

    The White Rabbit is a timid sort, described by Carroll as 'nervously shilly-shallying... unable to say "Boo" to a goose!'. Although the most sensible of all the Wonderland characters, he is famously bad at time management!

    Did you know...?
    In 1966 the White Rabbit made a cameo in Star Trek, when he hops past Doctor McCoy. At first the Doctor's crew think he's gone mad, but it transpires the planet they've landed on is an amusement park and the rabbit was an elaborate illusion.


    The Hatter

    The hatter is known for making short, personal remarks, asking unanswerable riddles and reciting nonsensical poetry. Despite this he's the life and soul of the party ‒ as far as he's concerned 'it's always time for tea!'.

    Did you know...?
    Despite often being referred to as 'The Mad Hatter', this title is never actually used in the book ‒ he is simply 'The Hatter'. The phrase orginates from the fact that hat makers used to suffer with confused speech and distorted vision due to toxic mercury fumes that were given off when curing felt.


    The Queen of Hearts

    The Queen of Hearts is a feisty character who likes to get her own way. But she has a soft side too ‒ she is incredibly loyal to her husband and is known to mellow to his requests. Her favourite past time is a round of croquet!

    Did you know...?
    She is thought to have been a caricature of monarch of the era, Queen Victoria. Her powerful personality ‒ as well as her physical stature ‒ dwarf that of the King, satirising the unequal status between Victoria and Albert.

    The Alice Look is at the V&A Museum of Childhood from 2 May – 1 November.


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