Which Pre-Raphaelite artist are you?

  • 10 December 2014

Ground-breaking, thought-provoking and hopeless romantics – the Pre-Raphaelites gave us ethereal paintings, beautiful textiles and even poetry, find out which artist you are.

  • Which Pre-Raphaelite artist are you?

    A romantic poet with a love of wombats and red heads or a passionate socialist with penchant for interior design and medieval literature?

    Take our personality quiz to find out which radical Victorian artist you'd be.

  • Question 1 of 7


    Which of these images do you like the most?

  • Question 2 of 7

    You fall for your best friend’s partner, what do you do?

  • Question 3 of 7

    On holiday you’ll be reading...

  • Question 4 of 7

    You’d most like to study...

  • Question 5 of 7

    Red House

    On the weekend you'd most like to...

  • Question 6 of 7

    A publication by William Morris

    In the world of publishing you're most likely to...

  • Question 7 of 7

    Friends would mostly describe you as...

  • You are...

    William Morris

    Poet, designer, artist, translator of medieval fiction, radical socialist and all round creative innovator - you keep yourself busy at all times.

    You are...

    Dante Gabriel Rossetti

    Passionate poet, radical thinker and co-founder of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood - just make sure you don't get consumed by all that creative energy and die a drug-addled, broken-hearted hermit.

    You are...

    John Everett Millais

    Painter of Ophelia, one of the world's most recognizable Victorian paintings, you've got a keen commercial eye and get what you want (other people's wives included).

    You are...

    Edward Burne-Jones

    Loyal to your friends until the end, you are hard-working and creative. A designer of stained glass, ceramic tiles, jewellery, tapestries and mosaics you've also got two famous nephews – Rudyard Kipling and prime minister Stanley Baldwin.


Anarchy & Beauty: William Morris and his Legacy, 1860-1960 is at the National Portrait Gallery until 11 January 2015, get 50% off with a National Art Pass. Rossetti's Obsession: Images of Jane Morris is at the William Morris Gallery until 4 January 2015 and free to all.