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  • 5 September 2014

Our appeal to save the Wedgwood Collection, Horst dazzles at the V&A and a giant dinosaur is discovered – we round up the top art stories of the week.

Basalt rabbit by Sheldon from the Wedgwood Collection c.1911 © Phil Sayer

Basalt rabbit by Sheldon from the Wedgwood Collection c.1911


© Phil Sayer

Save the Wedgwood Collection

The Art Fund has launched an appeal to save the Wedgwood Collection from being separated and sold off. The Daily Mail calls the collection ‘a priceless slice of our history’; The Times refers to it as ‘the most beautiful legacy of the industrial revolution' and Tristram Hunt explains its significance in the Spectator. Of the £15.75m needed, over £13m has already been secured thanks to support from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Art Fund and other private trusts and foundations. The public are being asked to help raise the remaining £2.74m by 30 November 2014, find out more at

Horst retrospective opens at the V&A

The V&A's latest show charts the star-studded career of Horst P. Horst, who photographed more than 90 Vogue covers and took the fashion world by storm. The Independent surveys his hugely influential career spanning six decades, which also included forays into surrealist experimentation and photojournalism.

Giant dinosaur unearthed in Argentina

A new dinosaur fossil seven times bigger than a Tyrannosaurus Rex has been discovered in Argentina. The Dreadnoughtus schrani would have been utterly untroubled by predators due to its enormous size say experts, although it is believed to have been a vegetarian. Watch The Guardian’s video of the excavation site online.

Forgotten Roman jewels discovered

Jewellery belonging to a wealthy Roman matron has been discovered under a shop in Colchester. According to The Telegraph the 2,000-year-old items (which include gold and silver armlets, bracelets, rings and coins) are believed to have been hidden when Queen Boudicca’s army laid siege to the Roman British capital of Camulodunum in approximately AD61.

And finally…

English Heritage has attached its Grade II listings to five sports structures in London. The Independent reports that these new listings are not strictly about architectural quality, they celebrate structures associated with highly localised sporting life, including a modernist lido diving board, which now resides in a garden centre.

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