Art News – weekly round-up

  • 25 July 2014

Finding Vivian Maier, Tutankhamun on display and celebrating suffrage – we round up the top art stories of the week.

Vivian Maier self-portrait

Vivian Maier self-portrait

Finding Vivian Maier is a movie must-see

The documentary Finding Vivian Maier is a gem of a story about a forgotten street photographer. According to The Times John Maloof stumbled upon a box of her negatives at auction in 2007 and set about piecing together her untold story. The film focuses on her most striking images and interviews her former employers from her primary job as a nanny.

Ashmolean is fit for a king

Discovering Tutankhamun at the Ashmolean in Oxford returns visitors to the Tut-mania that followed the 1923 excavation of the boy king's tomb. Maev Kennedy at the Guardian retells the story of the original find and the importance of this new show.

On Kawara passes away

The Japanese conceptual artist On Kawara, who was fascinated by the passage of time, died in June aged 81. The Art Newspaper discusses his most famous series, Date Paintings.

Celebrating suffrage at the NPG

The National Portrait Gallery have unveiled a portrait - going on public display for the first time in 80 years - of Christabel Pankhurst, who became a figurehead for the militant wing of the suffrage movement. The Guardian reports that other highlights from the show document some of the more dramatic events, not least the death of Emily Davison after she leapt out in front of King George's horse Anmer at the 1913 Epsom Derby.

And finally...

Buzz Aldrin has tweeted a picture of himself in space, orbiting the earth in 1966, in arguably one of the best selfies ever. But he's not the first person to discover the power of the self-portrait says the Guardian.