Listen: Andrew Motion on Van Dyck’s Self-portrait

Heading to the National Portrait Gallery to see Van Dyck's stunning Self-portrait? Take out your phone to hear an illuminating audio commentary from poet Sir Andrew Motion.

Sir Andrew Motion

Sir Andrew Motion

From 1999 to 2009 Andrew Motion served as poet laureate, a position established by Henry VII in the 15th century for the official poet to the monarchy. The poet laureate and court painters led parallel lives in the Stuart court – when the wife of a courtier died suddenly in 1633, Van Dyck painted her deathbed portrait while Motion's 17th-century counterpart, Ben Jonson, wrote her eulogy – making Motion the perfect spokesperson for this self-portrait of one of Britain's greatest court painters.

Just call 0300 034 9990 on your mobile phone to hear his commentary on the portrait, which highlights details of the painting, explores Van Dyck's life and work, and entreats listeners to donate to the appeal. You can also donate £5 straight from your phone by texting VANDYCK to 70800.

If you can't wait till you get to the gallery to hear Andrew Motion's commentary, listen now:

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