Curate the world’s largest art show

  • 21 June 2013

This summer Art Everywhere will flood the UK in art by converting thousands of billboards into British masterpieces. But first we need you to help us decide which works go on display.

From Millias’ tragically serene Ophelia and Hepworth’s oceanic Pelagos to Bacon’s terrifying Head VI and Blake's iconic Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, there’s over 600 years of British art to choose from on the Art Everywhere website. We're calling on the UK public to help us choose the final 50 to go on display across the country this August.

To produce the longlist a selection panel were invited to each put forward their favourite works of British art, these were then edited down to a list of just over 100. The criteria for editing the longlist were that the work should be from a national collection, by a British artist, and that it could be reproduced in poster format.

Make this happen

The more donations we have the bigger the art show, so please support this exciting project and get a remarkable work of art on bus stop or poster site near you. £3 will pay for the paper and print to convert a billboard into a British masterpiece, chip in more and you can get some exclusive must-have Bob and Roberta Smith designs.

Art Funded works

Several of the works chosen by our expert panel have been bought with the Art Fund's help, including Gainsborough's Mr and Mrs Andrews, Michael Craig-Martin's Inhale and the recently acquired Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows by Constable – see more in the gallery below. You can back these and many more by visiting the Art Everywhere website and liking them through Facebook.

Twitter competition

Retweet this Twitter post showing your support for Art Everywhere and you could win a framed print of one of the final works to go on display. Easy!