Bowie in clips

  • 19 March 2013

Before you head to David Bowie is at the V&A, take a look at the groundbreaking career of one of the world's biggest cultural icons in clips.

1. Ziggy Stardust, 1972


Bowie burst onto the global music scene with his incarnation of Ziggy Stardust, a glam-rocking alien with a love of vibrant face makeup and spandex suits. Watch Bowie perform Starman on the BBC’s Top of the Pops.

2. The Dick Cavett Show, 1974

Post Ziggy and just pre-Thin White Duke, Bowie reinvented himself as a dapper soul and funk musician. This intriguing interview on primetime US TV offers a fascinating insight into his psyche at the time.

3. Heroes, 1977

An anthem for ambition used across a plethora of adverts and films, and of course used by Danny Boyle in the London 2012 Opening Ceremony, this iconic late-70s hit perfectly reflects Bowie's industrious Berlin period.

4. Let's Dance, 1983

A blonde Bowie, full throttle colour video, a nice bit of sax and a pair of red shoes – it has to be the 80s. This was Bowie's only single to reach number one on both sides of the Atlantic.

5. Labyrinth, 1986

This cult fantasy film was directed by Jim Henson, produced by George Lucas and starred David Bowie as the Goblin King. What’s not to love?

6. Under Pressure, 1992

This live performance may not have the best audio quality but when Queen, David Bowie and Annie Lennox are sharing a stage we'll forgive anything. It reached No 1 in the UK charts in 1981.

7. The Stars (Are Out Tonight), 2013

The world fell love with Bowie all over again when he released Where Are We Now? on his 66th birthday. The follow up single though was even better, and accompanied by this awesome five minute film starring Tilda Swinton as Bowie's wife.

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