Help save the West Yorkshire Hoard

  • 26 October 2011

The race is on to raise enough money to keep this spectacular and historic hoard of golden treasure in Leeds...

Anglo Saxon gold hoard, Leeds City Museum © Trustees of the British Museum

The Friends of Leeds City Museums and The Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society have launched a campaign to keep a spectacular and historic hoard of golden treasure in Leeds. Despite grants from the Art Fund and both societies the race is now on to raise approximately £170,000 before it goes to public auction.

Golden wonders

The West Yorkshire Hoard made up of seven objects represents the most significant find of Anglo-Saxon jewellery ever discovered in the Leeds area. Six of the objects are gold jewellery dating from the seventh to 11th centuries, with the most spectacular being a stunning gold ring with a lozenge-shaped bezel set with a garnet gem which is in near-perfect condition.

The collection has been officially classed as ‘treasure’ under the Treasure Act (1996) and is currently housed in The British Museum in London.

Donate now

The hoard is highly significant on a local and national scale, indicating the presence of high status inhabitants in the Leeds area. Along with other finds like The Staffordshire Hoard, they help us to redraw the map of power in early Medieval England.

Help the campaign and donate what you can to keep the hoard in Leeds on the Friends of Leeds City Museums website.

You can see the hoard on display at Leeds City Museum from 3-15 November.