Michael Portillo and fellow Art Fund Prize judges to visit Yorkshire Museum

  • 2 March 2011

Next Friday, 11 March, Michael Portillo and fellow Art Fund Prize judges will visit Yorkshire Museum, one of the ten museums in the running for the £100,000 Art Fund Prize.

Yorkshire Museum is one of ten museums and galleries across the country on this year’s long list for ‘museum of the year’.

Michael Portillo will be accompanied by four fellow judges on his visit next week: artist Jeremy Deller, museums and heritage consultant Kathy Gee, Guardian journalist Charlotte Higgins and Antiques Roadshow expert and curator Lars Tharp.

Janet Barnes, chief executive of York Museums Trust, will give the judges a tour of the museum. She said: “The refurbishment of the museum was achieved on a relatively small budget and largely involved stripping back to the original Georgian interior as well as creating the perfect new home for our world class collections. We are looking forward to showing the judges our fantastic new galleries.”

This is the second of the judges’ visits to the long listed museum. Their first visit was to Hertford Museum in Hertfordshire. Between now and May the judges will visit all ten long listed institutions before deciding on the short list, which we will announce on 19 May.

The £100,000 cash prize will be awarded on 15 June at a special ceremony hosted by Michael Portillo.

How to get involved

Online Poll
You can vote online for your favourite long listed museum and enter a prize draw to win an iPad. Here are some comments so far from supporters of Yorkshire Museum:

“The ambitious Letting in the Light project has unwrapped this magnificent 19th century building, highlighting its proximity to the majestic medieval ruins of St Mary’s Abbey. The three new galleries are family-friendly, along with the impressive audiovisual presentation, while the more sedate Learning Level enables people to make a more in-depth study of York’s history.”
Richard Foster, York

“As a regular visitor to the museum it has been wonderful to see loved objects presented in an updated format bringing an atmosphere of freshness and vitality to the visit.”
Anna Bialkowska

“The Museum brings history to life in an innovating and exciting way. I often take my visitors to York to the Yorkshire Museum and they never fail to be impressed by its originality, creative use of media and wealth of historical information. Together these entice and engage both children and adults in a love of learning about those who have gone before us to shape our city and our world.”
Anne Crawford, York

“I remember visiting the Yorkshire Museum when I was growing up in Scarborough, it was a thrilling place to visit and opened my eyes to the culture in Yorkshire. I've lived in London for the past ten years and I've been lucky enough to have the world's finest museums and galleries on my doorstep. But it's truly great to see how the Yorkshire Museum has pulled up its bootstraps, rolled up its sleeves and in good ole Yorkshire fashion and taken on the big boys. I can't wait to visit next time I'm home.”
Shelley Pearson, London

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