Fry Art Gallery buys Ravilious watercolour

  • 20 January 2011

Fry Art Gallery has bought a watercolour by Eric Ravilious with our help.

A painting by celebrated British artist Eric Ravilious will go on show at the Fry Art Gallery this spring.

Entitled Caravans, it depicts the two caravans where the artist lived and worked at the peak of his career. The personal subject matter offers an insight into the artist’s attachment to the Sussex landscape.

Caravans was bought recently with our help and is now part of the Fry Art Gallery’s permanent collection.

Our director Stephen Deuchar said: “Caravans is a fascinating watercolour, and its personal subject matter makes it even more powerful. We’re delighted it’s going on public display, helping tie together the lives of some of the artists represented at the gallery.”

Caravans goes on show at the forthcoming exhibition Ravilious in Essex, which opens on 24 April.