Jake Chapman in conversation with Adrian Searle at film screening

  • 4 May 2010

In a new Art Fund partnership announced today, Picturehouse Cinemas will screen a series of films that have influenced the life and work of leading British artists. The chosen artists will be present for the exclusive film screenings and also take part in Q&A with a leading figure from the art world.

The first in the series will see renowned conceptual artist Jake Chapman in conversation with art critic Adrian Searle about the influence the film The Offence has had on his life and work.

Director Sidney Lumet’s The Offence is a 1972 crime thriller starring a post-James Bond Sean Connery, a police detective tormented by the crimes that returned to haunt him.

Event details

City Screens, Notting Hill Gate

Thursday 20 May 2010, 6.30pm

Tickets: £12 or £10 for Art Fund and Picturehouse members

Booking: call 0871 704 2058.You can also book online

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