The Art Fund commits £5 million to new international contemporary art scheme

  • Published 3 April 2007

The Art Fund has announced the most significant and ambitious scheme in its history - investment in a new initiative devoted to international contemporary art.

£5 million has been committed to the scheme, called ‘Art Fund International’, which aims to encourage a huge change in the scale, ambition and ability with which regional centres can acquire contemporary works of art of international significance.

Art Fund International has its origins in The Art Fund’s centenary exhibition and conference in 2003, which identified the historic failure of UK museums in the 20th century to acquire contemporary art being produced by non-British artists like Picasso, Kandinsky and Hopper.

In order to ensure Britain doesn’t make the same mistakes in the 21st century, The Art Fund has decided to dedicate a separate fund of money aimed specifically at enriching the contemporary holdings of UK regional collections, most of which have in the past focused almost exclusively on the work of British artists.

Art Fund International will run alongside the charity’s regular grant-giving programme and be rolled out over a five year period following an application process in 2007.

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