Art Fund research used in Lords debate

  • 25 July 2006

The Art Fund's research, The Collecting Challenge: The Art Fund Museum Survey 2006, was cited in a House of Lords debate yesterday on funding for works of art.

Lord Sheldon, a Labour Peer, kicked off the debate by asking about government plans to increase funding for the acquisition of works of art by public collections in the UK.

Lord Evans, responding on the government’s behalf, noted that meetings had recently taken place between the government and key people and directors in the museum world (including The Art Fund). Lord Evans also noted that The Art Fund’s research had revealed that the vast majority of UK museums felt that there was inadequate funding for collecting, and that most felt that a shortage of space was also a serious problem.

Lord Evans noted that these are ‘important matters that will be looked at as part of the ongoing discussions between the museum and gallery directors and the DCMS’.

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Image: Mancus of Coenwulf King of Mercia, acquired in 2006 by the British Museum with a grant from The Art Fund.