Museums and wellbeing

A place to share with friends. A space to relax and learn. With the busy pace of life, museums and galleries can help you take time out for yourself. Whether you’re looking for an oasis of calm or an array of new ideas, visiting more regularly can have a positive impact on personal wellbeing. And with 40% of UK adults feeling anxious at least some of the time, it’s more important than ever to carve out more time for art.


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Invest in yourself

Art Fund is championing wellbeing through an inspiring call to action: to take time back to do what really matters to you, and to consider museums and galleries as a great option.

Our research reveals that 63% of us have visited a museum or gallery as a way to ‘de-stress’, and 51% of us want to go more often – but only 6% of us visit at least once a month.

This suggests that museums and galleries are a great untapped resource.

In our research, people who say they regularly visit museums and galleries report a greater sense of satisfaction with their lives than those who never go.

And when we encouraged people to visit more regularly, they recorded a range of benefits – from discovering new topics to talk about with friends to finding moments of calm.

The research supports Paul Dolan’s (Professor of Behavioural Science at LSE) idea that taking 30 minutes a day for a leisure activity – a wellbeing allowance – can work wonders in helping us manage the stresses of modern life.

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