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French Modernism

Travel Editions

4 days (12 March 2020)

Go on an architectural adventure of Paris on this tour and take in the Modernist masterpieces that populate the city and its environs. Highlights include a visit to Le Corbusier's studio apartment, Villa Savoye and Maison Louis Carré.

From £899

Art Nouveau and Art Deco in Lille and Antwerp

Travel Editions

4 days (5 March 2020 / more dates available)

Enjoy a walking tour of Lille's Art Nouveau houses, visit La Piscine Museum – housed in an Art-Deco swimming pool – and take in Antwerp's 'Golden Triangle' on this three night tour.

From £799

Nancy and the Birth of Art Nouveau

Travel Editions

4 days (27 March, 24 April 2020)

Explore the legacy of glassmaker Emile Gallé and the Ecole de Nancy in this French stately district. Dine at the Art Nouveau Excelsior restaurant and take part in walking tours which showcase the town's wonderful collection of Art Nouveau art, ceramics and architecture.

From £879

Modern art and architecture in Rotterdam

Travel Editions

4 days (26 March 2020)

Visit the Netherland’s second largest city and discover some of Europe’s best modern architecture.

From £995

Art Nouveau in Turin and Milan

Travel Editions

4 days (6 March 2020)

Discover the legacy of the Art Nouveau movement in Italy and steep yourself in the history of these two cities.

From £1,199

The Normans in Sicily

Travel Editions

4 days (7 March 2020)

Visit vast cathedrals, castles, abbeys and palaces in Sicily and appreciate the lasting legacy of the Norman invasion of the island.

From £999

Art and Architecture of Ravenna and Bologna

Travel Editions

4 days (2 April 2020)

Get enchanted by the jumbled medieval city of Bologna and the eclectic Byzantine architecture of Ravenna. Tour palazzis and piazzas, the Basilica of Saint Dominic and an anatomical theatre.

From £999

Villas and Gardens of the Cote d'Azur

Travel Editions

8 days (23 March 2020)

Delve into the rich artistic heritage of the French Riviera and reveal the secrets of glamorous villas and antique-filled interiors. Highlights include a visit to the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild and the town of Menton.

From £1,465

Art Nouveau in Riga

Travel Editions

4 days (19 March 2020)

Explore romantic Riga and learn why the capital is often described as a 'metropolis of Art Nouveau.'

From £999

The Battle of Waterloo

Travel Editions

4 days (2 April 2020)

Join acclaimed historian Julian Humphrys as he tells the story of two gigantic historical characters - the Duke of Wellington and Napoleon Bonaparte. You'll travel from Wellington's Apsley House in London before heading to Belgium to experience the all the key Waterloo battle sites.

From £869

Art and Architecture of Urbino and Gubbio

Travel Editions

4 days (7 May 2020)

Explore Renaissance gems, extensive art collections and experience the ambience of Italy on this three night tour.

From £1,099

William the Conqueror and Medieval Normandy

Travel Editions

4 days (13 March 2020)

Immerse yourself in the medieval way of life and visit the legendary Bayeux Tapestry, and other Norman sights that intricately reveal the story of William the Conqueror's invasion.

From £839

Krakow – The Jewel of Central Europe

Travel Editions

4 days (1 April 2020)

Boasting the best-preserved collection of historic buildings in Poland, Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Visit a host of churches, museums, galleries and palaces on this 3 night tour.

From £899

The Glory that was Greece

Travel Editions

10 days (12 March 2020)

Journey through time as you explore Ancient Greece on this 10 day tour of the Peloponnese. Highlights include visits to Delphi, Olympia, ancient Sparta and the deserted Byzantine city of Mystras.

From £1,650

Delphi to Macedonia

Travel Editions

9 days (3 May 2020)

Experience the vibrancy of Thessaloniki and the spectacular golden treasures of Macedonia as you travel from Delphi via the Meteora Monasteries, Macedon, Pella and Dion and the Macedonian religious centre.

From £1,535

Albania – Land of the Double Headed Eagle

Travel Editions

9 days (16 April 2020)

Investigate the fascinating history, archaeology and culture of Albania in this 8 night tour. Highlights include a visit to Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage site and Roman sites.

From £1,525

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