Jackson Pollock-inspired crispy cake

Makes 12 pieces

Jackson Pollock – Autumn Rhythm (no. 30) Photograph by Maja Smend, food styling by Kim Morphew, prop styling by Lydia Brun, recipe by Georgia Levy

Jackson Pollock – Autumn Rhythm (no. 30)

Marshmallow rice square​s, but with an abstract-art twist, inspired by the great American painter.

You will need

50g unsalted butter, plus extra to grease
200g marshmallows
150g crispy rice cereal
100g royal icing sugar
Black food colouring gel or paste
15cm x 20cm baking tin


1. Grease and line the baking tin with baking paper. Melt the butter in a large saucepan over a medium heat and stir in the marshmallows. Keep stirring until they are melted and combined. Pour in the cereal and mix well, until it is coated in the marshmallow-and-butter mixture.
2. Transfer to the baking tin. Using a lightly greased spoon, push down the mixture to smooth the surface and take the shape of the tin. Place in the fridge for one hour to set.
3. Meanwhile, divide the icing sugar into four and place in small bowls. Add a few drops of water into each, and 
whisk until you have a smooth paste. Put one aside – this will be the white batch. In the remaining three bowls add varying amounts of black food colouring so that you have one black batch and two shades of grey. Add a little more water until they are runny but still opaque. 
4. Remove the cake from the tin and transfer to a board. Using a spoon, splash the four colours over the cake until you are satisfied that you have done Pollock justice, or maybe even out-done him. Leave to set, then serve.

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