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Museums and galleries are vital spaces for us all, but the lasting impact of the pandemic means the future looks uncertain for many.

We are fundraising to help museums come through the Covid-19 crisis with resilience, adapt and evolve, and keep creating unforgettable experiences for people across the UK.

Thousands of people have already helped us raise over £1 million to fund exciting and much-needed museum projects. But there is much more to do. Please join us: now is a critical time to help museums survive and shape a brighter future.

With the help of our supporters and members, for over 100 years Art Fund has enabled UK museums to save and share works of art for everyone to enjoy. Now this support is needed to help museums come through the biggest challenge of their lifetime.

What challenges are museums facing?

The impact of the Covid-19 crisis has been devastating for so many museums across the UK, who have faced the costs of keeping collections and buildings safe through closure, the complexities of reopening safely, and an enormous loss of income from visitors.

Even as restrictions begin to ease, museums will still face huge challenges, as reduced capacities limit visitor numbers. 60% are worried about their survival, and some are now facing permanent closure.

Throughout this period, however, museums have shown extraordinary determination to rethink how they work, make their venues Covid-secure and take exciting projects out into their communities. 92% say they need to ‘adapt and innovate’ to survive – and the good news is that our funding helps them do just this.

How you can help

Since summer 2020 Art Fund’s emergency funding has helped museums stay connected to visitors, even while their doors were closed. We’ve helped organisations like the Roald Dahl Museum take their amazing collection to students who can’t visit; Aerospace Bristol to create a digital storytelling experience; the Lowry to put together an exhibition in collaboration with local people; and much more exciting activity.

This is exactly the kind of work that museums tell us they need funding to support: 56% want to do more digitally, and 48% want to develop their activity to reach more schools and young people.

We know we cannot solve this crisis alone – government investment, combined with the support of the public, will be key to ensuring as many museums as possible survive and thrive – but together we can make a real difference.

Please donate today. Your support will go directly towards funding vital projects and help museums to shape a brighter future.

"Thank you for the truly inspirational message about the activities at the Barber Institute in Birmingham. I feel my small contribution to Art happens really matters."

Supporter, Together for Museums

Your support in action

Thank you, your support is already making an impact for museums and galleries across the UK. Check out the map and stories from museums to discover how your donation funds vital projects.

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