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What is Art Happens?

Crowdfunding allows anyone to be a philanthropist and support the museums they love by donating as little as £5 online. Art Happens is the UK's only crowdfunding platform dedicated to museums and galleries.

Our free platform empowers museums to unlock support from museum-goers. It raises crucial funds for museum projects, builds engaged audiences, reaches new people and gives them a stake in imaginative projects.

We know that Art Happens works: 5,000 donors have donated a total of £500,000 towards 29 exciting new museum projects in the past three years.

'The Art Happens platform made a lot of people feel included. They were excited that they could be a part of one of my projects, and that was really rewarding.'

Clare Twomey, Artist

Why do we need your help?

Museums need to mobilise public support to realise ambitious and creative projects. Crowdfunding allows them to do just that. Alongside raising crucial funds, crowdfunding means that anyone can become involved with a project they love.

Art Fund meets the direct costs of setting up and running each crowdfunding campaign on Art Happens. This includes producing a short film, creating rewards for donors and providing hands-on training throughout, which typically totals £3,000 – a cost that would otherwise deter many museums from taking part.

We simply cannot meet demand from museums wishing to use Art Happens without further investment. Another 50 crowdfunding campaigns on Art Happens would raise £1m in donations from 10,000 people across the UK for 50 brilliant projects. To realise this ambition we need to raise £150,000 to cover the support and training costs for each campaign.

Please donate today to support the future of Art Happens.

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'The Gallery team had very little experience of crowdfunding when we decided to run our first Art Happens campaign. The support and guidance offered by the Art Fund team at that time was invaluable. It has already had a significant impact on the Gallery.'

James Gray, Marketing and Audience Development Manager, William Morris Gallery

Art Happens in numbers

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raised from 5,000 donors UK-wide

Art Happens Success in May 2017

Physical Energy, Watts Gallery, Surrey

£43,802 raised from 340 supporters in 36 days

Watts Gallery in Surrey inspired 340 donors through Art Happens, enabling them to realise their ambition to commission a colossal bronze cast of G F Watt’s horse sculpture, Physical Energy.

Art Happens Success in April 2017

Time Present and Time Past, William Morris Gallery, London

£10,938 raised from 183 supporters in 36 days

William Morris Gallery, London, inspired 183 funders through Art Happens, enabling artist Clare Twomey and 67 volunteer apprentices to recreate William Morris’ Chrysanthemum design as a vast tile panel.

Art Happens Success in February 2016

Big Steam Print, Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft, Ditchling

£12,770 raised from 257 supporters in 33 days

Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft inspired 257 funders through Art Happens, enabling them to turn at 12.5-tonne vintage steamroller into a massive printing press.

Art Happens Success in May 2017

Reviving the iconic Victorian staircase, Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds

£17,042 raised from 220 supporters in 35 days

Leeds Art Gallery inspired 220 funders through Art Happens to celebrate the restoration and reopening of its iconic Victorian building with an immersive mural by artist Lothar Götz.

Art Happens Success in May 2016

Art Night, London

£25,860 raised from 194 supporters in 36 days

Art Night 2016, London, inspired 194 funders through Art Happens to launch a new contemporary arts festival, enjoyed for free by over 35,000 visitors.

Art Happens Success in August 2014

Chapman Brothers exhibition, Jerwood Gallery, East Sussex

£29,978 raised from 168 funders in 128 days

Jerwood Gallery, Hastings, inspired 168 funders through Art Happens to bring a major exhibition of new work by Jake and Dinos Chapman to the artists’ hometown.

Art Happens Success in July 2015

The Fallen Woman exhibition, Foundling Museum, London

£25,382 raised from 178 funders in 56 days

The Foundling Museum, London, inspired 178 funders through Art Happens to create a new exhibition revealing the hidden stories of hundreds of Victorian mothers forced to give up their children as foundlings.

Art Happens Success in September 2015

Charleston: The world’s only complete Bloomsbury interior, Charleston

£32,554 raised from 318 funders in 57 days

Charleston, East Sussex, inspired 318 funders through Art Happens to restore and conserve the delicate hand-painted surfaces of the UK’s only complete Bloomsbury interior.

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