Donations update and Blaeu's globe


The detail of the painting you can see here shows, among other objects, a terrestrial globe. Because it is shown in such detail, a globe expert has been able to identify it.

She told me that it was made by Willem Janszoon Blaeu of Amsterdam, around 1610. He studied under the astronomer Tycho Brahe and became one of the best globe and scientific instrument makers of his day. As we know, Robert Paston didn't stint on the quality of his possessions!

Blaeu's globes are now rare, but some do survive, and we hope to be able to borrow one for our exhibition, or even two if we can. The first globes always came in pairs, a terrestrial being matched by a celestial globe: a map of the heavens. Robert Paston would certainly have had both.

Thanks again to everybody who's donated so far. Every little helps – please do tell all your friends.

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