A remixed Paston Treasure


Due to a flurry of donations in the last couple of days we're just at the £10,000 milestone now - which is wonderful! Thank you very much indeed to everyone for their generosity.

The prize for the most original method of fundraising so far though must go to a group of children in Norwich, who last Friday put on a lovely art exhibition of their own, exploring aspects of the Paston Treasure, and collecting together what would be 'treasure' for them.

This kind of response really shows how important this painting is. At the Castle we've always found that children love it as much as adults: there is so much to explore and to talk about, and it is a wonderful way to inspire children's imaginations, as this creative group have shown.

Pictured is their interpretation of the painting – with a lovely gilded frame!

In real-life, of course, the frame needs to be re-gilded. Help us to make it happen by supporting our Art Happens project, and get a brilliant reward in return, from tote bags to VIP days out.

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