Five reasons to support the campaign


1. Art is for all

The project has ‘art for all’ at its core. This is a belief shared with the designer and activist William Morris. Everyone will be able to see the making of the tile panel in the gallery’s live studio. Once finished, the work will be on public display for everyone to enjoy. In a similar vein, anyone can volunteer to be an apprentice and 67 will be chosen through a democratic process.

2. A look behind the scenes

The installation will give viewers a fascinating insight into the making process. For the first time, one of the rooms at the William Morris Gallery will be transformed into a live craft studio where the tile panel will be made, and which the public can visit.

3. Celebrate ceramics

From the reopening of the World of Wedgwood to the BBC show The Great Pottery Throw Down, the profile of ceramics has been on the rise over the last decade. This project aims to cast another spotlight to support the field’s recent revival.

4. Apprenticeships

Sixty-seven lucky volunteers will become apprentices during the project. Anyone can apply to be an apprentice regardless of previous experience – all that’s required is enthusiasm. Each apprentice will spend a day with a master painter learning new skills and creating the installation. William Morris acquired his skills through practice and concentration, and the would-be apprentices will be following in his footsteps.

5. Love for William Morris is enough

The project provides an opportunity for art lovers to immerse themselves in the world of William Morris. The tile panel will be designed by the artist Clare Twomey and decorated with one of Morris’s most compelling motifs, Chrysanthemum. The installation will be created in the William Morris Gallery – the designer’s childhood home. For those who love William Morris’s work, perhaps there’s no need for any other reason to support the campaign because, as the artist himself wrote; ‘love is enough’.

A huge thank you to all of the funders who have supported the project so far. We are 33% funded! You can help us reach our goal through the crowdfunding platform Art Happens.

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