Time Present and Time Past

Carien Kremer at William Morris Gallery, London


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With your support, artist Clare Twomey is planning to create a vast tile panel embellished with Chrysanthemum, one of William Morris’s most compelling and intricate designs. Over 67 days, 67 volunteer apprentices will work on the piece. Every day, a new apprentice will work alongside a skilled painter, slowly transforming the tiles from one state of beauty to another. Visitors will be able to watch this process slowly unfold; the work will also be captured with time-lapse photography.

Enlisting as an apprentice will be a democratic process – open to everyone, regardless of previous experience. The only criteria will be a willingness to immerse yourself totally in the task for a full day. (More information to come in May, if the gallery is able to reach its crowdfunding target.)

Clare has developed the idea for this work in response to William Morris’s approach to making. Like the would-be apprentices, Morris learned his skills through practice and concentration. Skills need to be constantly passed on and shared, from one person to another, to retain their vitality. Clare’s installation will explore how practising a skill can connect us through time and space to other people. As Morris observed, ‘The past is not dead, but living in us.’

Help us to make this exciting installation happen at our gallery, which is housed in William Morris’s beautiful childhood home in Walthamstow, east London, and won Museum of the Year in 2013. In return for your donation, you can receive a range of exciting rewards, exclusively designed for the project.

About the artist

Clare Twomey (b.1968) is a British artist and a research fellow at the University of Westminster who works with clay in large-scale installations, sculptural and site-specific work. Over the past 10 years she has exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Tate, Crafts Council, Museum of Modern Art Kyoto, Japan, Eden Project, Royal Academy of Arts and Gardiner Museum, Toronto. Her work often involves elements of performance or participation, inviting the audience to play an active role and exploring the relationship between people and materials.

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