September Threshing


There has been so much progress on Bryn Eryr - it's really starting to take shape! The timber to make the roof structure has been de-barked and raised to form rafters, so for the first time you can see just how truly huge the roundhouses are. When they are completed, the larger of the two is spacious enough for an entire school class to comfortably gather inside.

We wanted to share with you some photos of the work in September – the very necessary and ancient task of threshing, which is the first step in processing harvested grain. In the case of the spelt, we're interested in the straw rather than the edible heads of the grain, since it is the straw that will make up our roof thatch. As you can see from the photos, we started threshing by hand. It soon became clear that assistance from a vintage threshing machine was the only way to complete the job before winter. Adventures in experimental archaeology!

There are only 22 days left to raise the funds to transform Bryn Eryr into a true home of the Iron Age. Join with us to make it happen, and your gift will leave a legacy of learning for years to come!

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