Harvesting the spelt


The clom walls are now complete and at their full height. Phew!

The next hurdle is the roof. We've got some great photos showing some of the work that has gone into growing and harvesting the spelt for the roof so far – have a look.

Spelt is a kind of wheat which we know was used to make bread in the Iron Age. We can't know for sure what kind of straw was used at Bryn Eryr to thatch the roofs of the roundhouses, but spelt is a good guess. So near the site of the reconstruction here at St Fagans, last winter we sowed spelt seed to make our roof thatch. Then in last few (very hot) weeks, we've harvested the grain, bundled and cleared it. It's being stored in a 16th-century barn here with a thatched roof of its own. The next step is to make rope out of nettles to hold the roof together. We'll need 8km of nettle rope, so the more volunteers we have tomorrow, Thursday and Friday the better!

If you can't help us make rope, or you missed out on harvesting the spelt or building the walls, there is still a way for you to help us bring archaeology to life here at St Fagans.

A gift of £5 can help buy Iron Age sewing tools.
A gift of £25 can buy materials for wool dyeing demonstrations.
A gift of £100 can buy iron tools for blacksmithing.

We have 80 days to raise the funds to build Bryn Eryr and make it come to life. Let's make it happen!

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