The Museum of The Gorge: Warehouse of the World

Matt Thompson at Museum of The Gorge, Shropshire


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Our aim is to transform the Museum of The Gorge through a complete redesign of the gallery and an upgrade of the existing auditorium, to create a dynamic space that can be used for museum and community events.

The iconic building that houses the museum lies at the heart of the Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site. It was built in 1834 in a gothic style and once served as the Severn Warehouse for the Coalbrookdale Company. Goods would be brought down from the furnaces and forges in Coalbrookdale and shipped down the river Severn to the markets of Gloucester, Bristol and the Empire beyond.

Set right on the river, with wonderful views of the Iron Bridge, the new museum will narrate the story of how the river, roads, railways and canals came together to make the Gorge a vibrant hub of industry from the 1600s right up to the 1950s.

Once completed, the Museum of The Gorge will be the starting point for visitors wanting to explore the unique museums and landscapes of Ironbridge.

Upgraded audio-visual equipment will allow the museum to develop a varied programme of screenings, from historic Pathé footage to community film events.


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