Calling all outer-space enthusiasts – meet public astronomer Dr Marek Kukula


Dr Marek Kukula is the Royal Observatory’s public astronomer and is a distant galaxies and quasar expert. He is a passionate communicator, whose ability to explain complex astronomy knowledge concisely and vividly made him the ideal candidate for one of our unique Arts Catalyst experiences.

On the evening of Wednesday 7 October, Marek will bring some of the Royal Observatory’s finest, out-of-this-world meteorites from the private collection. Rocks from this collection are aged around 4.5 BILLION years old. This intimate gathering will be perfect inspiration for a budding amateur astronomer, or simply someone looking for an inspirational way to spend a Wednesday evening with a friend (or a date!).

You will also have the knowledge that you are helping, what I believe, is a great cause: The Arts Catalyst Centre for Art, Science and Technology in King's Cross, London.

Donate £60 to fund our new Centre and receive two tickets to this brilliant event.

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