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Help us transform a run-down shop in King’s Cross into a dynamic hub for experimental art and science. The new centre will host exhibitions, residencies, workshops, talks and events, instigating large-scale and long-term commissions in the UK and abroad. Visitors may encounter musical instruments designed to communicate with whales and dolphins, grow their own bioluminescent bacteria, explore art and life in post-Fukushima Japan, or compose messages to be sent to outer space.

With a flexible design by Simon Jones Studio, this humble shop front will be transformed into a dynamic centre for experimental, interdisciplinary art practice, bringing together artists, scientists and experts from a range of disciplines, creating a hub for conversations around art, science, technology, and their social and political implications.

Please donate and you'll receive one of our wonderful rewards, including limited-edition prints and posters by artists Tomás Saraceno, Melanie Jackson and We Colonised The Moon, or memorable experiences such as an evening of meteorite stories with the public astronomer, Marek Kukula, or the chance to meet a rocket scientist, with lunch and guided tour by Dr Lucie Green of The Mullard Space Science Laboratory.

About The Arts Catalyst

The Arts Catalyst is one of the UK’s most distinctive arts organisations, distinguished by ambitious art commissions and its unique take on art-science practice. In our 20 years, we have commissioned more than 125 UK and international projects by artists including Tomás Saraceno, Aleksandra Mir, Agnes Meyer-Brandis and the Otolith Group. We work with artists and scientists to create artworks and generate new ideas exploring science and its role in society and culture, from environmental change to interspecies communication. We aim to give audiences distinctive, thought-provoking experiences and to play a leading role in the dialogue around interdisciplinary artistic practice.

We are one week into our crowdfunding campaign

A massive thank you to our donors and the Art Happens team, for your support and enthusiasm in getting our campaign to fund our Centre for Art, Science and Technology off the ground!... Read more

Calling all outer-space enthusiasts – meet public astronomer Dr Marek Kukula

Have you ever wanted to spend an evening talking to a charismatic black hole specialist? Got a niggling question about Betelgeuse that nobody can answer and even Google draws a blank?... Read more

Inspiration behind Melanie Jackson's Cerro Rico mountain prints

One of our rewards is a choice between two prints by the London based artist Melanie Jackson... Read more

An exclusive tour of the Mullard Space Science Laboratory

On Friday 16 October, Dr Lucie Green will give a behind-the-scenes tour of the UK's largest university space research group. Donate to join the tour!... Read more

The Arts Catalyst centre will open in 2016

Our Art Happens target has been reached and surpassed! The Arts Catalyst Centre for Art, Science and Technology will go ahead. Thanks to our lovely supporters (you), the new centre will open in King's Cross in January 2016... Read more

For funders only

And so the work begins...

Materials are arriving thick and fast at the Cromer Street site for our builders to start work on the new centre... Read more

For funders only

Come to the launch of our new centre!

You are cordially invited to the launch of the Arts Catalyst’s Centre for Art, Science and Technology... Read more

For funders only

Invitation to the launch of Arts Catalyst Centre for Art, Science & Technology

Dear wonderful supporters, the Arts Catalyst's team invites you to the private view and launch of the Arts Catalyst Centre for Art, Science & Technology... Read more

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Tania Hershman

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Fiddian Warman

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Ruth Catlow

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Marek Kukula

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Elizabeth Ferguson

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Annie Carpenter

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Tacye Phillipson

Mark Allan

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Caroline Bergvall

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Christine Aicardi

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Andy Minnis

James Flint

Goldsmiths University Of London

Denise Dye

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Andy Franzkowiak

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Emma Davis

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Katy Connor

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