Meet the Artists - part 2


With work on walls from London to Paris and beyond, these Street Fan artists are certainly making their mark.

Lily Mixe: Born in Paris and now living and working in London, Lily’s artwork varies from paper and canvas to found objects and walls. Taking inspiration from nature, particularly the ocean, she fills hundreds of notebooks with studies of animals and plants which inform her intricate murals.

How will nature inform your fan design for Street Fans?

“There is no better designer than nature" (Alexander McQueen)

This is one of my favourite quotes from one of the most creative fashion designers that has ever existed. And I can't agree more, there is nothing more magical and beautiful than our environment and all the living creatures on planet earth. Nature is my religion, and at a time when we live through the digital screen, I want to share my fascination for every detail of it. This is what inspires my fan design and artwork.

And a last quote from Einstein who is so true to me: " look deeper into nature and you will understand everything better.”

Zabou: Originally from France, Zabou moved to and started painting London in 2012. Deftly combining stencil and freehand techniques, Zabou’s spray can paintings are instantly recognisable, as are some of the subjects she’s recently depicted, which include Salvador Dali and Edith Piaf.

Coming into the project, did you know anything about fan culture?

I didn't know much about fan culture before starting the project. I've discovered that it's an amazing craft that should definitely be more promoted and talked about within the cultural industry.

Artista : Born in South London, Artista is known for her cartoon-style pastel tinted murals which decorate the streets of Shoreditch, South East London and around Croydon. Her work ranges from floral to foodie – a flying toast motif has become her trademark – and from portrait to patterns.

The topmost donor to the campaign will be amply rewarded with an exclusive mural by Artista. Street Fan curator, Jacob Moss says "Artista has very kindly agreed to offer one lucky donor a unique wall painting. A hugely talented artist and rising star of London’s street art scene, her bold and distinctive style will undoubtedly brighten up the office or residential space of the company or individual who bags this amazing reward."

Annatomix: Hailing from Birmingham, Annatomix’s passion for science, history, religion and philosophy underpins her creative practice. Her current work is centered on nature and it’s connection with spirituality. Using strong geometric shapes, she explores themes such as evolution and extinction.

The lines and shapes of a folding fan aren’t dissimilar to your geometric work. How do you think your style and the fan will work together?

I think it's a bit of a dream project for me. I knew straight away that I wanted to utilise the folds and the shape of the blades in my designs rather than just paint a picture. So I've used geometric patterns, strong colours and gold; which I hope will create optical illusions that play with the eye. It's difficult to judge how the finished fans will look before the folding happens, so I'm really excited to see if they work. I've got so many ideas I'd love try out - I really hope this is just the start and we can make more!

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