Interview with Matthew Slotover, our Chair


With just 4 days left of our Art Happens crowdfunder, we caught up with Matthew Slotover OBE, co-founder of Frieze and chair of the South London Gallery board of trustees, to find out why he supports the SLG and why kitting out the Fire Station will mean we can offer a vital new space for the community.

At 86% funded, we’re so close to bringing the Fire Station back to life! Can you help us reach our target?

How did you become involved in the SLG?

I had long been an admirer of the gallery, and met Margot Heller (Director of the SLG) at a dinner during an art fair. I told her I thought it was a beautiful space with an amazing programme but that it should be better known. Three weeks later she asked me to join the board! It was my first trustee position and I accepted immediately.

What are you most excited about with the Fire Station project?

The audience for the gallery has grown fivefold in the last 10 years. The Fire Station will allow us to mount bigger shows in different types of spaces, as well as adding a kitchen and an area for workshops to take place. The architecture will be dramatic as you enter, and the spaces themselves are looking fantastic.

What’s unique about the South London Gallery?

The main space, purpose-built for exhibitions over 100 years ago, has been called the most beautiful art space in London. If you add the sensitive extension by 6a architects, the Orozco Garden, the great café and now the Fire Station, the gallery has become an essential and unique art destination.

Why should people support the Fire Station project?

The gallery does a great job at serving so many audiences, from the international art world, to local schools and communities in south London. The Fire Station will double its capacity and allow even more people to benefit.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported the project so far. With less than a week to go please help us spread the word about the campaign before it ends on 2 July.

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