We did it!


In the middle of a very wet and windy night at the end of September, Garth Evans' Untitled sculpture was finally returned to its original home in Cardiff's The Hayes. We were delighted that Garth was there to see his newly restored work arrive and he was also able, just as he did in 1972, to record the comments of passers by when they encountered the sculpture for the first time the next morning.

We hope you will have the chance to visit the sculpture whilst it's in situ - you have until 18 March 2020! If you're visiting you can also catch Garth's solo exhibition 'But, Hands Have Eyes' at Chapter Arts Centre until 26 January. More information here: www.chapter.org

We can't thank you all enough for your support in helping us to rescue, restore and bring this iconic sculpture back home to Wales.

For those who generously donated, we are working hard to get your rewards delivered to you by the end of November.

Diolch o Galon!

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