Five reasons to #saveoursculpture


Return the work to its former glory

The sculpture has been neglected for almost 50 years. Alongside the specialist restoration that is required, your donation will help return it to its original colour and protect it from the elements, so it can be enjoyed by the public for many years to come.

As well as directly contributing to the rescue of the work, you’ll receive access to updates on the progress of the project after our crowdfunding campaign ends and restoration begins.

We’ll share news on the project from when we collect the sculpture, throughout its restoration, and right up until we return it back home to Wales in the spring.

Conserve an important sculpture

The work was originally commissioned as part of a ground-breaking project across eight cities in the UK. This ‘City Sculpture Project’ marked a fascinating moment in the history of sculpture in Britain. By donating to this campaign, you will be conserving an important part of Britain’s heritage within the field of public art and urban space.

Return the work to its original location

Garth Evans chose Cardiff as the location for his work as he has very strong family connections with the city and the country’s industrial past. Your donation will help us to bring the work back home to Wales and reconnect the artist with his roots.

Earn unique limited-edition rewards

Donors to the campaign will have the opportunity to earn great rewards. These include: a tote bag with an exclusive design of the sculpture; a limited-edition signed print featuring a model of the sculpture made by the artist in 1972; tickets to a performance of the play 'Cardiff', devised using the original Cardiff Tapes recordings; and an out-of-hours private tour of Garth’s solo exhibition at Chapter Arts Centre, followed by dinner with the artist and curator.

Enable the public to enjoy the work once more

The sculpture has remained hidden from the public for too long. Your donation will mean that in a truly unique project, we can once again gather recordings and find out what a whole new generation has to say about this historically important work of art.

Right now, your donation is worth twice as much! A private donor through Art Fund will match-fund up to £5,000, which means a £100 donation now contributes £200 to the campaign. Please help us today by donating as much as you can to help us reach £18,000 to save our sculpture.

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