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We need your help to restore an iconic sculpture and bring it back to Wales.

In 1972 influential British artist Garth Evans created a large-scale sculpture that was sited in Cardiff City Centre for six months as part of the Peter Stuyvesant City Sculpture project, which saw 17 new works placed at the heart of eight cities across England and Wales. The project was a significant chapter in the history of public art and urban space.

Garth chose Cardiff as the location for his work as he had very strong family connections with Wales and his Welsh grandfather’s tales of his time as a miner were hugely influential in the sculpture’s form – evoking both a hammer-like tool and the image of a mine tunnel that was as black as coal.

'I wanted to make something that would impact its location, altering and affecting the space and by its presence, create a new sense of place.' Garth Evans

After the project, the sculpture was relocated to Leicestershire where it has remained hidden, neglected and unseen by the public ever since. The years have taken their toll on this important work and its condition is now rapidly deteriorating.

Your money will help us to save the sculpture by carrying out the specialist restoration that is so desperately needed to prevent any further and irreversible damage. In a truly unique project we will then be able to return the work to its original location in Wales almost 50 years after it was first seen.

Please support us by contributing as much or as little as you can and help us to rescue, restore and relocate this iconic work.

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Maud, New York, NY

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I can't seem to donate with credit card from the USA.... it says the field of BillingState is empty, but I can't see that field. Thanks for help!


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Dear Maud, thank you for your interest in our #SaveOurSculpture campaign. We are really sorry for the delay in our response. We have been trying to resolve this online technical issue since your comment, but have so far been unable to do so. In the meantime, please email Hannah Firth (Chapter Arts Centre) at who will be happy to support an alternative way for you to donate. Our apologies again for the inconvenience and very best wishes!

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