Thank you to all our donors!


Thank you to everyone who has already donated to our Redressing Pleasure project. We have raised nearly £8,000 of the £10,000 needed and couldn't have done it without you!

We are now only four days away from the end of this campaign and still need to raise £2,000 to achieve our goal and must raise this in order to receive all your donations.

Your support will help us with the conservation and exhibition of clothing and accessories that are between 150 and 250 years old, many of which have never before been exhibited. The fragile nature of this material requires the specialised skill, experience and patience of a textile conservator to stabilise the artefacts and ensure their safety whilst on display. Melina Plottu, our in-house textile conservator, is in charge of the design and implementation of the conservation intervention. It is a big responsibility and we want to ensure that she has all the necessary support to successfully complete the endeavour.

While our plans are to exhibit ensembles with as many original accessories as possible (such as jewellery and shoes), some accessories are too fragile to be displayed and so we must make ‘authentic’ reproductions, made in the style of the originals. One of the key items we plan to reproduce are hats. I will work in close collaboration with Jane Smith of Jane Smith Hats, one of the UK’s leading milliners for movies, theatre and TV; she will hand-craft seven hats to complete the ensembles.

The final step will be the mounting of each ensemble on custom-made mannequins, which must be fitted to properly display each garment. Melina, myself and Janet Wood, one of the UK’s leading mount makers for historic clothing and accessories, are working together to transform these mannequins. For this work, we will not only re-shape each mannequin into the appropriate silhouette, but we will also create custom-made petticoats, hoopskirts and panniers (and so much more), to properly and safely display each ensemble.

All the materials, equipment, professional advice and services are costly why is why we need your support. We want to make this exhibition a ‘smashing success’ and would like you to be part of this.

Would you please consider donating to help us reach our £10,000 goal?

Thank you for support.

Timothy Long

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