Five great reasons to support Redressing Pleasure


1. Help us to preserve London’s Fashion History

We want to bring some of our most beautiful, previously unseen items from the Dress and Textiles and Decorative Arts Collections, out of storage to reimagine our Pleasure Gardens. At the same time, we are preserving and conserving the current display’s delicate fabrics, so that they can be displayed and researched in the future.

2. You will give us the chance to display previously unseen items from our Dress and Textile Collection

One such item is an evening dress (‘Queen’) c.1790, made of mauve-grey silk woven with stripes in satin alternating with stripes of woven blue and black flowers. Although donated to the Museum of London in 1939, the dress has never before been exhibited as it is in need of some careful conservation work to put various parts back together again. When completed, it will look like this.

Donated to the Museum of London in 1950, the (‘Jeremiah’) coat, c.1830, is made of wool and silk velvet, hand-tailored with a detachable cape and is need of conservation on the velvet collar. Additionally, it was trendy for men to have an exaggerated, sinuous silhouette during this period and so a special mannequin must be created to show the coat properly. The coat will look something like this when ready for installation.

3. Allow us to illustrate an important part of London’s history through an immersive experience.

One of the most significant innovations in 18th century leisure, was the pleasure garden; a dedicated outdoor space for entertainment, for which a ticket was needed to gain entry. In our gallery, we want to recreate the electric atmosphere of a visit to the Gardens by means of a selected choice of exceptional garments, which were social and cultural signifiers of their time.

4. Get exclusive behind-the-scenes access to our curators at work

The main artefacts going into the Pleasure Gardens will be from the Museum of London’s Dress & Textiles Collection, which holds 23,000 items dating back to the 16th century. By donating, you can choose one of our exciting rewards, which include exclusive behind-the-scenes access to our stores and Textiles Conservation Lab, which is where all preparations for this display will be completed. You will also get the chance to meet the curators and conservators who are working on this exciting project.

5. Play an active role in the Museum of London’s future and get exclusive rewards

As a non-profit charity, the Museum of London needs your help to bring these new pieces to life and give everyone the opportunity to see them. You will also receive exclusive updates so you can follow our journey as we conserve these precious artefacts. By donating to our campaign you will be a part of making this happen and will also be able enjoy some great rewards including tote bags, special prints, and behind-the-scenes access.

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