Introducing the artists


London-based street artist Pegasus explores cultural icons with his often witty and insightful stencil work, featuring well-known faces from the Queen to Elvis Presley to Kim Kardashian.

He is perhaps best known for Fallen Angel, an image of Amy Winehouse painted shortly after her death in Camden which became almost a shrine for the singer after her death.

If we reach our target, Pegasus will create a new Amy Winehouse work that will be displayed in the museum’s Welcome Gallery. His work will be accompanied by works around Camden by various artists including Mr Cenz, Philth, Captain Kris and Amara Por Dios.

Mr Cenz is a graffiti artist from London who has been on the scene since 1988. His unique, futuristic and funky portraits can be seen all over the globe and his work has been described as ‘surrealist graffiti art for the soul’.

Philth is the alter ego of graphic designer Phill Blake. He uses various artistic styles including graffiti, stencilling and wheat-pasting to create stunning works often exploring a running theme of exotic women.

Captain Kris describes himself as a 'genetically enhanced time-travelling super artist'. His energetic art is inspired by comic books, video games and cartoons, and can be seen across London (in particular in Shoreditch) and around the world. He is part of The Lost Souls collective with fellow artists SPZero76, Squirl and SiMitchell.

Amara Por Dios is a Swedish artist who has been living in London for three years. Her work is inspired by her South American heritage and she is well-known for her use of vibrant colours, tribal-like faces and strong use of patterns, blending her influences with modern materials, techniques and concepts. Her playful spirit allows Amara to use her surroundings in creative ways to maximise the impact of her work.

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