Introducing Global Street Art


We’re excited to be working with Global Street Art to source world-class artists to make our street art trail a reality.

Global Street Art will also be running the Camden street art tour that our £60 donors will enjoy, exploring the already existing artistic landscape of this creative area.

Since its formation in 2012, Global Street Art has organised more legal street art murals in London than anyone else. It’s helping to transform the city, and the world, into a canvas for art that all can enjoy, based on their belief that 'we should live in a painted city'.

They also have an online gallery which showcases the work of street artists from more than 100 countries across the world.

Global Street Art was co-founded by Lee Bofkin, who campaigns for more spaces for art in cities. His main passion is how public space affects how we interact with each other.

Watch Lee’s TEDx Talk to learn more about the wonderful world of street art, and how Global Street Art are playing their part.

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