Exciting times on the streets of Camden!


Some exciting progress has been made on the streets of Camden over the last two weeks as our street artists began their contributions to the Amy Street Art Trail.

Captain Kris and Amara Por Dios braved the cold and sporadic showers to create two very different collaborative pieces for the trail at Miller Street and Stucley Place.

We spoke to Kris who told us about the ideas around their Amy-inspired new work:

"Amara and I had wanted to work on a collaboration together for a while and this was a good opportunity to do that while also breaking away from the way we would usually work on a wall. I filled the wall with Amy's song lyrics in bright colours and Amara gave it the Soul shaping the face, hair and eyes so that those words became Amy. The second wall was a bit of an experiment with type but being that close to the road, we thought it made sense to use a lyric and ask a question so that people would see it as they walked past and get it in their head. A bunch of people walked past the wall and started singing 'Why don't you come on over Valerie?' during different points in the day."

Our third featured artist, Mr Cenz also finished his new piece this week, after three days of painting around Lidlington Place. The artist, who’s enjoyed 30 years of experience painting walls, is known for his unique and futuristic portraits that have been described as ‘surrealist graffiti art for the soul’. A rather fitting example of this description can be seen here.

The official launch of the trail is next Wednesday, although many passers-by (and a few street art bloggers with their ears to the ground) have already been photographing elements of the #AmyStreetArt trail on Instagram. The fact that people are already stumbling upon these new works, taking photos (and even singing along to Amy’s lyrics in the street!) is a testimony to the impact that this special project is already making and that your support has helped us to achieve.

A couple of other new pieces are still to be completed over the next few days, but in the meantime, we’ll leave you with this great photo of Kris and Amara’s second wall taken by Street Art Atlas.

Thank you for your support!

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