'I want to share this wilderness without fences' 


‘I want to share this wilderness without fences…’

As we near the end of the campaign to #SaveProspectCottage, with just 6% to raise to meet our target, we wanted to take this opportunity to share a very special piece of work with you, made while Derek Jarman was working on his final film, Blue (1993).

Provided exclusively to us by Simon Fisher Turner, one of Jarman’s long-time friends and collaborators, this wonderfully evocative piece was one of the first demos produced by the pair while working on the film’s soundtrack.

A sparse but beautiful collage of sound and music, it features Jarman’s voice recorded at Prospect Cottage in the year before he died, and captures the warmth, intelligence and creative spirit of this great artist.

Jarman believed passionately in the power of collaboration, always willing to share his time, talent and resources with others in the pursuit of creativity - and during the latter part of his life the cottage, its garden and surroundings were at the heart of this endeavour.

It’s fitting, then, that near the beginning of the track, Jarman says ’I want to share this wilderness without fences...’, for we hope that by protecting his Dungeness legacy and ensuring it can inspire long into the future, we can honour that intention.

You can listen to Simon Fisher Turner’s first Blue demo with Derek Jarman here.

We’re so close now. Please help us get over the line by continuing to donate and spread the word about the campaign to #SaveProspectCottage. With donations match-funded until midnight 31 March, every gift, no matter how small, will make a big difference.

Help us to secure the future of this remarkable place, and ensure it can inspire creativity in generations to come.


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