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A note on rewards: We are grateful for your patience while we produce the bespoke rewards offered as part of the #SaveProspectCottage campaign. These have faced significant delays during lockdown, as our suppliers have been working with a reduced workforce and capacity due to furlough and social distancing measures. We are working hard to get your rewards to you; please keep an eye on your inbox for updates. Thank you for your support.

Join the campaign to protect Derek Jarman’s legacy, and inspire creativity in generations to come.

On the windswept shore of Dungeness, visionary British filmmaker, artist and activist Derek Jarman transformed a Victorian fisherman’s hut into a sanctuary of art and imagination.

Prospect Cottage and its iconic garden stand testament to his defiant spirit, and have the potential to inspire artists and visitors long into the future.

But they are at risk. Help us raise £3.5 million to #SaveProspectCottage, and secure its future as a centre of creative activity – for everyone.

Full information about the project here

Derek Jarman at Prospect Cottage, Dungeness © Geraint Lewis

Derek Jarman (1942-94) is one of the most influential figures in 20th-century British culture.

More than 25 years after his death, Prospect Cottage, his former home and garden, continues to be a site of pilgrimage for people from all over the world, who come to be inspired by its stark beauty and by Jarman’s legacy.

From poetry etched into panes of glass, to Jarman’s driftwood sculptures and the remarkable garden he coaxed from the shingle, it represents the most complete distillation of his creativity and determination.

With your support we will be able not only to protect this extraordinary place and its contents, but to ensure it can thrive as a creative space for years to come.

With expert care overseen by Creative Folkestone, Kent’s leading arts organisation, the garden will be restored and will continue to evolve as it did during Jarman’s lifetime.

A residency programme for artists, writers, gardeners, filmmakers, academics, activists and others will engage as many people as possible with Jarman’s life and work, and for the first time, members of the public will be able to apply to visit inside the cottage.

And Tate will take on permanent loan some of the most important and vulnerable archive material from the cottage, including Jarman’s sketchbooks, letters, drawings and photographs, forming a publicly accessible collection at Tate Britain specific to Dungeness – with huge potential to inspire new research, exhibitions and displays.

Prospect Cottage © Howard Sooley

To make this happen, Prospect Cottage needs you.

We are crowdfunding to meet the £3.5 million needed to secure the future of Prospect Cottage as a centre of creative activity.

Every contribution brings us closer to our goal.

As a thank you for your donation, you can choose from a range of rewards created by leading artists and supporters of the campaign. Rewards include limited-edition prints, objects and works of art; please do keep a look out for new rewards throughout the campaign.

Thanks to the support of the National Heritage Memorial Fund, the Linbury Trust, private individuals and Art Fund’s own grant, we have made great progress towards our £3.5 million target. But there is still a way to go before our deadline of 31 March.

Without this appeal, the cottage is at risk of being sold privately, its contents dispersed, and artistic legacy lost.

We cannot do this without your help.

Join us to protect Derek Jarman’s legacy, and inspire creativity in generations to come.


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Mallika, London

8 May 2021 - 10:35

Would really appreciate an update on the rewards, I last had an email in Feb and was expecting to have received it by now.

Jonathan, Norwich

11 January 2021 - 15:47

Is anyone else utterly frustrated at the ongoing absence of their reward? It's pretty well 12 months since I stumped up a week's salary to go halves on a Tacita Dean print and nearly 10 months since the target was reached. I really want to look at it in the flesh and I'll need lots of time for the resentment I feel about the whole process to subside. We had an email in November but no word since.

John, London

7 October 2020 - 16:30

Any update on the rewards???

Kata, Brighton

21 July 2020 - 12:29

Hi there, could you please help with this update from 16 June - it seems to be broken:

Nikki, Twickenham

5 April 2020 - 10:57

Brilliant news can't wait to see inside. I love this place and for years averted my camera away from the cottage so as not to intrude. Have met Derek's partner a few times pottering in the garden and he will be so pleased this wonderful place has been saved to inspire people. Nikki WHU fan!

Roy, Fort Smith

1 April 2020 - 05:17

I’m so thrilled and happy for the success of this funding campaign. As the last few weeks developed, checking in on this campaign gave me a sense of hope. Hope that humanity still cared about artists and art and hope that a global community could come together to lift up a great artist and his studio and insure Prospect Cottage and Derek Jarman’s legacy not only survived but thrived well into the future. Please read Tilda Swinton’s eloquent words regarding the success of this project. These words brought me tears of joy. #artgoeson #prospectcottagesaved

Nick, Ferndown

31 March 2020 - 19:48

Phew! This is excellent and timely news. Congratulations to the team great work.

Mark, Newcastle Upon Tyne

31 March 2020 - 19:05

Cheers to Keith, and all who donated. Derek would be chuffed. Mark/Spring

Auke, Wijdewormer

31 March 2020 - 17:55

Some positive news in such times of uncertainty. Congratulations to all who contributed. Now lets conquer the corona crisis....

Sian, Buckhurst Hill

31 March 2020 - 15:18

The best news around for ages. Absolutely over the shingle.

Neil, St Ives

31 March 2020 - 15:05

Simply thrilled - congratulations, relief and delight. Paradise does indeed haunt.
Love and peace to all x

Ian, Edinburgh

31 March 2020 - 14:55

Congratulations on hitting and surpassing the target!! X

Victoria, Bromley

31 March 2020 - 14:04

I've been trying to donate but as it runs through the process it complete with a "cant find the page" message - no idea if I've donated or if I've now donated twice! Please let me know...thanks

David, Poynings

30 March 2020 - 14:23

Today I was very happy to make a £2200 donation, proceeds from the 25 prints of my drawing 'Prospect' that were sold in aid of this campaign. Its fantastic to know that this will be doubled by another benefactor. This is an important campaign and I'm delighted that it is now so near its goal. Thanks to everyone who bought a print!

Art Fund

31 March 2020 - 09:07

Hi David. Thanks so much for this generous donation and all your efforts to support the campaign. Almost there!

Olivia, London

26 March 2020 - 10:53

Hi Artfund, can you let me know what happens if the target is not reached? I am thinking of donating again but would like clarification beyond this answer:

Thanks Nicholas. The public support for the campaign to save Prospect Cottage has been incredible, and if everyone keeps contributing as generously as they have been, we’re going to succeed. With two weeks to go, we’re still all eyes forward at the moment, working hard to ensure we do reach our target.

Thank you !

Art Fund

30 March 2020 - 15:38

Thanks for your question Olivia. With just 2 days to go and now only 6% left to reach our target, we're currently focusing all our efforts on getting the campaign over the line. The response so far has been truly phenomenal, with well over a quarter of a million pounds raised in the last week alone. What’s more, all online donations are now being matched pound for pound by a generous supporter, so if you do decide to donate before the appeal closes at midnight tomorrow your contribution will be doubled.

Antony, Exeter

24 March 2020 - 23:33

Hello, tonight Iv'e been fortunate to be able to buy Peter Marlow's photograph, ‘Overalls drying in Derek Jarman’s Garden’. At 52, the same age as Derek Jarman when he died, I am still searching for that stylish? Loose- look that Monty Don shows all the hallmarks of surviving love him too. A pioneer and activist who applied no hard boundaries to his garden is special to be reminded of in these times. Please help get this over the line any way you can.

Ian, Edinburgh

23 March 2020 - 16:32

Discovering Modern Nature when I started Art college in 92, I was always slightly obsessed with Prospect Cottage whenever I read about it. Anyway, last year made the trip down to visit and I can't quite explain the sense of nostalgia I felt. It was all so familiar and I really hope it can be saved for future generations to be able to spend time in it. I noticed Neil Tennant was down recently, surely there's enough high end celebs that could fill in the gap if it doesn't quite hit the target. I shared the link the other day, but I'm acutely aware that with everything going on at the moment, it is far down the priorities of some people (esp a lot of self emplyed small-scale creatives) GOOD LUCK! x

David, Darfield

21 March 2020 - 00:00

It's really pleasing to see this campaign to ensure that Prospect Cottage is preserved, and that the campaign is being well supported.
We visited Dungeness to see Prospect Cottage a couple of years ago as Derek Jarman is a cousin of mine (our great grandfathers were brothers so fairly distant). Unfortunately I had never met Derek and was interested to see the cottage and learn more about his life and his garden. When we visited in 2018, it seemed that the preservation of the cottage would be an important thing to do. Coming from New Zealand I was fascinated that he had gorse in the garden - an unwanted weed in NZ - but it is in a topiary style in the garden and looked great - such imagination.

Sian, Buckhurst Hill

20 March 2020 - 19:17

Delighted to see that the 3 million mark has been reached, despite the chaos in the world. Please, please get everyone you know involved.

Nicholas, Bellshill

17 March 2020 - 08:09

Apologies if this has already been addressed - what is the plan with the money already raised in case the target isn't reached? Will the cottage still be purchased and artists' programmes and residencies still be organised, but perhaps secured for a more limited length of time?


Art Fund

18 March 2020 - 10:59

Thanks Nicholas. The public support for the campaign to save Prospect Cottage has been incredible, and if everyone keeps contributing as generously as they have been, we’re going to succeed. With two weeks to go, we’re still all eyes forward at the moment, working hard to ensure we do reach our target.

Antony, Exeter

17 March 2020 - 00:00

I first came across Modern Nature as as an art student in the early 1990's. Thank You art school for stocking it. Why did I keep returning to this strangely alluring book(in my eyes) time again, when my bed- fellows at the time were Guston, De Kooning and Roger Hilton. I still don't fully understand the connection but here I am.... Maybe I need a visit to Prospect Cottage... Wolfgang Tillmans and Olivia Laing as supporters further explains why. Back in the day, I fell asleep to Caravaggio, my memory of it: looked so dramatic. Same happened recently watching The Last of England for the first time. What I saw: it looked so painterly! Please help make this campaign succeed. Can you just imagine an artist, poet, or gardener pooling at the cottage. It would be amazing.

Tanya, Lancaster

15 March 2020 - 18:27

Seeing Derek Jarman speak at an early screening of Caravaggio at the National Film Theatre in company with my then partner was a significant moment for me as a young gay working class man beginning to engage with art and culture. His unique and restless artistic genius has remained an inspiration to me throughout my life. It seems obvious to me that in a country which wishes to consider itself more than just an ‘economic powerhouse’ or whatever the buzz phrase might be, Prospect Cottage and it’s legacy should be preserved with as much care as many, less worthy examples of ‘heritage’ currently are. Losing him to AIDS was a tragedy. Losing Prospect Cottage in the white noise of the current virus panic seems another all too possible outcome. So I sincerely hope this fund succeeds, and carries his legacy forward.

Siobhan, Edinburgh

15 March 2020 - 11:46

Hi I have just donated but presumably will get an e mail to confirm. So, I shared a birthday with Mr Jarman. One birthday week end we were down at Rye, went along to Dungeness, saw him on the shore but it was only years later, reading Modern Nature, that I realised we shared a birthday. My late husband, Richard Coward, took a wonderful photo of Mr Jarman with Elizabeth Welch, I seem to recall at the Riverside in Hammersmith. He also met him with Andrew Logan. After Richard died, I went to visit the bookshop in Alnwick. For years I had been seeking the follow up to Modern Nature but no joy. I was chatting to my friend in the bookshop and idly looked down on the shelf next to us-yep, there it was, the follow up. I read it on the train back to Edinburgh. They were joyous men ( both Mr Jarman and my husband).

Deborah, London

15 March 2020 - 11:21

Purely practically, I think it would be a good idea to put in another reward between the 25£ and 45£. It would motivate me and others to donate.

Philippa, London

10 March 2020 - 11:23

I thought I had donated to the Prospect Cottage appeal via this website about a week ago, but the money has not left my account. Are you aware of any problems of this sort and is there another means of donating?
Philippa, Tottenham

Art Fund

10 March 2020 - 15:42

Hi Philippa,

Thank you for your support for the campaign. Please could you get in touch with our Supporter Services team via or 0203 757 9772 so we can look into this for you?

Many thanks,
Art Fund

Sian, Buckhurst Hill

3 March 2020 - 13:42

Please could you let us know when the Sandy Powell signed suit gets auctioned.
Hopefully it will raise enough to complete the amount needed.

Art Fund

4 March 2020 - 12:06

Hello Sian. The online auction of Sandy's suit has gone live today and will run until 11 March. For more details please visit:

Richard, Hove

3 March 2020 - 11:21

How about a second print from Michael Craig-Martin? I, and possibly many of the other backers of this reward, would happily add another £100 if this was available.

Alison, Dungeness

1 March 2020 - 15:37

Art Fund, could you please tell us again what will happen if you don't reach the target money.

Art Fund

2 March 2020 - 09:52

Thanks Alison. We’re really pleased with how the campaign to save Prospect Cottage has gone so far, and if everyone keeps contributing as generously as they have been, we’re going to succeed. With one month to go, we’re all eyes forward at the moment, working hard to ensure we do reach our target.

Alison, Dungeness

1 March 2020 - 15:35

Also, if you read all Derek Jarman's diaries attentively, you will note that he isn't always wholly accurate but plays with ideas and takes artistic licence; the spirit if not the letter of the law. For example, he says the sun sets over Lydd church in February whereas it doesn't do this until June. I imagine he may well have played with the idea of Prospect Cottage costing just £750 - or it could have been a misprint. The freehold of the estate in fact sold for £3.5m in the end. The current £3.5m being sought isn't the purchase price of the cottage but for renovation and maintenance of both cottage and garden over a number of years plus the cost, also over a number of years, for stipends for artists and writers in residence. Properties on Dungeness generally sell for some £200,000-450,000 although a couple of the modern or larger designer buildings have sold for more.

Sian, Buckhurst Hill

1 March 2020 - 13:33

Thanks, again, Melanie.


29 February 2020 - 22:59

Hi Melanie,
Forgive me. You are right - it was just the freehold and land Derek refers to as purchasing which probably therefore excludes the actual purchase price he paid. Also another mistake by me- the sale price of £1.5M listed by Strutt and Parker says it is for Prospect Cottage + the Dungeness Estate of 500 acres. So clearly not comparing like for like. I can begin to see now how the valuation that the Art Fund Is arrived at and results in a £3.5 M appeal but WOW! Property values and the average annual income are no longer in sync.

Melanie, Chesham

29 February 2020 - 19:17


I think maybe you need to actually look at the text you just quoted. ‘I bought the freehold and a little extra land’. Freehold doesn’t mean property. Had my Nan sold the property for only £750, she wouldn’t have been able to afford the flat she bought. I know how much she sold it for exactly, I just choose not to say. It was substantially more and in actual fact if you google, you can find out yourself. The freehold and the land may have cost £750, but the cottage did not


29 February 2020 - 17:39

Dear Art Fund,
Forgive me returning to make a further comment however I wanted just to respond to Melanie Chesham’s comment of 13.02.20. The information in my previous comment of 10.02.20 that Prospect Cottage cost £750 for Derek Jarman to purchase comes from DJ himself in his book ‘Derek Jarman’s Garden’, Thames and Hudson , 1995, page 65. ‘I bought the freehold and a little extra land for £750, a price I still think is a bargain.’
This was in 1986. In 2018 Prospect Cottage was advertised for sale by Strutt and Parker for £1.5 million. I still wish you every success in raising the funds of £3.5 million to save the Cottage and set up a Foundation with Creative Folkestone. However I still also think you have to be really careful how you manage it’s future ownership in relation to other property owners nearby and members of the community whose families have lived there long before DJ came to live there and may well want to continue to live and work there and will not be in a position to do so at these sort of property values.

David, Hitchin

29 February 2020 - 12:11

In memory of Robin Noscoe who was Derek Jarman's head of art at school. Robin was an inspiring man to many of us who were luckily enough to go to Canford School. He helped me discover an interest in architecture that has stayed with me ever since.

Geraldine, Truro

17 February 2020 - 20:15

We met Keith in the garden a few years ago and chatted about the garden and he wanted to know where we lived, Cornwall and where I was originally from, Co Durham so we soon had plenty to chat about. He kindly took us in prospect cottage to find us a copy of the poetry on the side of the cottage. He also recommended a good place to eat. He was very friendly and we were sad to learn of his sudden death. We have donated and do hope Prospect Cottage can be saved, it is unique and doesn’t want to turn into a holiday home. Good luck. Thanks for what you are doing. Geraldine and Neil Duckworth

Sian, Buckhurst Hill

15 February 2020 - 13:45

Delighted to read Melanie’s comment. I have also just read article in The Looker, a local free publication for The Romney Marsh. For me it’s a ‘ no brainer’, would like the Art fund to purchase the property and maintain it, allowing interested and interesting visitors to the space, rather than a private individual, who will bring nothing to the economy of the area. Rather, allow it to fall down and then re build another ‘designer style’ monstrosity on the peninsula.

Melanie, Chesham

13 February 2020 - 13:46

Good luck with this. My grandmother sold the property to Derek - which I can assure all of you would have cost him more than a mere £750. I have many very fond memories of time spent in Prospect Cottage growing up and would love to see it preserved.


12 February 2020 - 10:25

Dear Art Fund,
Thanks again for your further reply. Whilst the responses you give to my queries do not give much detail and the query I have sent to Creative Folkestone has received no response I do get the feeling that you have thought through some of the issues and tensions inherent in the Prospect Cottage project.
I remain unconvinced that the Cottage and Garden itself is capable because of its size, location and structure/layout is capable of being a public visitor destination without it being ‘destroyed’ in the process. If however it were to become a ‘Research Centre ‘ and form of ‘Laboratory’ for Derek Jarman’s ideas and passions then I can see it might well be a sustainable heritage. This way the active, participatory and live activities associated with the Trust/Foundation you develop could take place away from the Cottage/Garden at other locations across the UK or further afield promoting DJ’s creative heritage and referencing Prospect Cottage. This way also it would remove the Cottage/Garden from the property list on the Dungeness site as it would no longer be residential so a comparison with adjacent and other nearby residential properties would no longer be comparable and so not distorting the market. However I do think you will have to spend and invest in giving some considerable time to forming a close relationship/partnership with other local residents and community to agree and share a joint objective for the future management of the site, its status and activities that happen there otherwise I foresee tensions and pitfalls that can be avoided.
These are just my ideas and thoughts and I do wish you well and every success. I had initially - as in my first comment, thought the risks were too high for success. However if you have thought through fully the issues and follow through in delivery then the project will I am sure be successful and very popular deserving widespread support. Good luck. Bon chance.
Guy Eades, Isle of Wight.

Amy, London

11 February 2020 - 16:14

Fantastic to see that you have already raised over 60% of the target. Such a great cause that I’m proud to be a part of - as it appears are so many others. Keep up the amazing work!!


10 February 2020 - 22:14

Dear Art Fund,
Thank you for replying to my comment of Saturday 10th February. I do support the ‘heritage’ of Prospect Cottage that you and Creative Folkestone are trying to conserve as what Derek Jarman created in his lifetime is inspirational. I just query the approach you propose to adopt and would like to know more detail of the method you hope to follow and details about how the amount of finance you are seeking and think is required.
I think there are potential dangers that need to be avoided and ask whether your strategy will avoid these.
1. How do you propose to avoid the Cottage and Garden becoming preserved as if it were a museum, shrine or some quasi-National Trust property?
2. I have never been inside but imagine it is small and can accommodate only a few persons/visitors at any one time and the garden has no boundaries, paths or structure to accommodate persons walking around so how do you propose the site will work as a site for visitors - as these numbers are likely to increase? Where will cars park, toilets be sited, how will notices be displayed without the informal small scale of the site being distorted and the sense of tranquility and breaking out of the everyday world that Derek Jarman created his home there for being destroyed?
3. I think you need to be very careful about the valuation of the property - house and garden - that you agree to. DJ records he purchased it for £750. Whilst he transformed it in terms of ideas and meaning the monetary value and purchase price needs to avoid being inflated to the point where the persons who form the community around Dungeness are not priced out of their community by ‘gentrification’. It is not just Prospect Cottage that needs to stay alive but the whole community and the ability to be able to afford to live and survive in this community and maintain the everyday activities and ways of living that is the Ness and not some future tourist destination for second homes and holiday lets. Will you place a restriction on the value you pay for the property that is in proportion to the other surrounding buildings?
4. Film LONDON has its own Derek Jarman Award for young film makers not linked to the site. Will Creative Folkestone be following the same principle in that the activities it proposes to develop around DJ’s ideas and creativity are off-site - garden design, visual art, film etc so that these do not interfere with the locality of Dungeness?
5. Will the Foundation you propose to establish seek to advance and support activities in hospitals, socially challenged environments, with persons and communities isolated or discriminated against as this seems to me to be the real ‘ heritage’ of Derek Jarman’s sense of purpose through his creativity rather than conserving the ‘heritage’ of the home he once lived in and where he is no longer there nor are the persons he shared his life with?
I am asking these questions of the Art Fund and Creative Folkestone not to obstruct or prevent your appeal which I do support. However there at present little information on how you propose to deal and respond to what I feel are potential dangers of the venture and I ask my questions to seek some assurance that you are either confident they can be avoided or are ill founded and will not happen.
With thanks Guy Eades, Isle of Wight.

Art Fund

11 February 2020 - 11:33

Thanks for your further comment - it’s great to have your support and engagement on this campaign. You raise many important considerations which have been touched on in previous responses to comments below. We’re fortunate to be working with some of the most experienced partners in the country on this project – Creative Folkestone, with an established track record of working with the public, artists, outdoor art and property, and Tate – and to benefit from the rigorous scrutiny of our own and their boards of trustees. Moreover, the project has also benefited from analysis by major funders including the National Heritage Memorial Fund which has contributed £750,000 following a detailed application addressing valuation among other things. If we are successful in this campaign there will be further planning required, but for now we are wholly focused on saving Prospect Cottage and are delighted that so many people are rallying in support of this goal.

Marilena, Brighton

10 February 2020 - 14:04

Delighted to see this work happening. Prospect cottage is of such historical significance, and the preservation of Jaram's creative legacy is going to have fantastic impact on not only the local community but also future artists and young creators. The success of this campaign - the support it's garnered and the number of donations so far - is testament to how important it is to keep art accessible to the widest possible number of people. Good luck with reaching the target!


9 February 2020 - 00:06

Dear Art Fund,
I have read the many comments you have received on this subject.
I have just returned from visiting Dungeness and seeing Prospect Cottage yesterday and today 7/8th February for the first time. There are several things that worry me about this appeal. I think the cottage and garden are of great interest, beauty and value and the site unique in its geography, topography, ecology, community and anthropology including its recent history and association with Derek Jarman. However I read DJ’s own book on his cottage / garden whilst there published by Thames and Hudson and written just before he died. He discovered it and purchased it 25 years ago for £750 which he thought was great value at the time and he describes the process whereby he came to create it as a home and how it meant an enormous amount to him personally and those he shared his life in his lifetime. But really would have he have agreed that it’s value should inflate over this period to £3,500.000? And that it should be ‘preserved or conserved’ and not evolve? He did not request this. would he think this to be morally and ethically correct in both the terms of what it meant to him and the values sought to create in his lifetime and in his work as an artist or for the concern he would probably have for those persons and the community living there now? I feel this appeal will not deliver in the best way the legacy of his work or be in the interest of the Dungeness community who will find their community’ invaded’ and the cost of everything greatly distorted and the special unique apartness and value of the place and community lost in the process. Things just do not last forever. They have to be allowed to change and evolve. Someone new can purchase the property - at a sensible price - live there and I am sure will be responsible in respecting its history. Derek Jarman’s contribution is well documented and disseminated and inspiring others way beyond Prospect Cottage - this demonstrates the power of his vision. It does not need to be ‘preserved’ in the way proposed as the distortions resulting from this route will cause more harm than good, resentment, greed, and values he would not want to be linked with. Please abandon this appeal and find alternative ways of respecting his life and work. It does the Art Fund no credit to follow this path. This maybe a tough decision for you and Creative Folkestone to take but I feel it would be the right one and enable you both to live peacefully with your consciences in the future if you may allow me to say so.
Guy Eades, Isle of Wight 08.02.20.

Art Fund

9 February 2020 - 13:06

Thanks so much for your comments Guy. I’m pleased you have had a chance to visit Dungeness and see the cottage and garden for yourself.
You’re right this is a very special place and whatever comes next must - as Jarman did - respect the local environment and community in which Prospect Cottage belongs.
That’s why our intention is not to create a museum or a shrine to Jarman but rather ensure that Prospect Cottage continues to inspire artists, writers, gardeners, activists and film-makers through an artistic programme which supports real engagement including residencies with the place and contents.
Our target reflects the funds required not just to buy the cottage and look after it, but also to fund such a programme in to the future.

Andrew, LONDON

7 February 2020 - 11:57

I really liked at lot of Jarman's work, but the thought of preserving the house and garden in aspic seems rather contrary - the archive going to Tate yes, but everything else? Also a question to the Art Fund - can't you match donations from your own reserves if you feel this is so important?

Art Fund

7 February 2020 - 12:57

We see Prospect Cottage as a living, breathing work of art. It has been lovingly cared for since Jarman’s death but our ambition is to keep his creative legacy alive through a programme of artist residencies and public guided tours run by Creative Folkestone, while at Tate Britain everyone will be able to see and access the archive from Prospect Cottage which promises to spark new avenues of research and displays. There will be natural and organic change with a garden on a shingle beach but working with experts we hope to bring it back to the vibrancy of when Jarman was alive.

Art Fund is contributing £500,000 as a grant towards our £3.5m target, already reflected in our total so far, and we are delighted that an individual donor has made it possible to match every donation made online this weekend.

Sian, New Romney

3 February 2020 - 17:07

Time to put donors in some form of alphabetic order.Thought I had donated but list too complicated to check

Art Fund

5 February 2020 - 13:53

Thanks for your comment - it’s fantastic to have so many donors. Unfortunately we're not able to change the order at the moment, but it’s helpful to have your feedback. You should have received an email confirming your donation. If you didn't get this, please get in touch via or 0203 757 9772 to verify it went through ok.

James, London

29 January 2020 - 16:53

Hello Art Fund,

Thanks for the response. In the event I made a donation direct to Art Fund from a CAF account, so the gift aid is already in it, marked for Prospect Cottage.

Surpised to hear that the 'reward' rules out Gift Aid. Revision to the rules in 2018 retained the 25% limit to the donor benefit.

The valuation of the donor benefit is a reasonable or demonstable retail value:

Whilst the reward for say a £25 gift is charming, could it be said to be worth more than say £5? And is the incentive of a reword worth forgoing the Gift Aid?

Anyways, good luck with the appeal!

Art Fund

30 January 2020 - 10:08

Thanks so much for your donation James. We have looked into gift aid extensively and the amount given for a reward isn’t eligible. We welcome all contributions and we’re using crowdfunding with rewards as a way of opening up this important campaign and encouraging as many people as possible to get involved. Of course everyone can also donate without (or in addition to) a reward, which, for UK tax payers, can be gift aided. Thanks again for your support.

James, London

26 January 2020 - 21:09

Can these donations be Gift Aided - it's not apparent up to the point of the 'Pay Now' button? Plus what will happen to the donations if the target isn't met March?

Art Fund

27 January 2020 - 17:19

Hi James, thanks for your questions.
If you are making a donation without a reward, or if the reward is an online mention and updates, then your contribution is eligible for gift aid. If you are purchasing a reward then we cannot claim gift aid.
If the project doesn't go ahead then we'll offer you the choice of receiving your money back or directing it to another project. Rewards are produced and sent out (if and) when the campaign closes successfully.
Thanks so much for your support.

Sian, New Romney

26 January 2020 - 17:38

I really hope the fund reaches its target. I am pleased to have the opportunity to participate in the purchase.
So many works of art are bought by individuals who stash them away and no one else has the pleasure of sharing their unique beauty.
Prospect Cottage and garden is a lovely, interesting place to visit.
It would be tragic to see it sold to a private individual, who like other owners of property , recently purchased in the area, wait for the building to ‘fall down’, and then turn it into a designer home and show up a few times a year, contributing nothing of value to the area

Sally, Twickenham

26 January 2020 - 09:40

I am so pleased to hear of this project and have donated. Derek Jarman’s wonderful writings have meant a great deal to me and his film and art work are rightly treasured. The cottage and garden are works of art in this rain own right,
I have always wondered how Prospect cottage was faring and was so sorry to hear that HB had died and at no great age.
I wish this project every success.

Jenny, London

26 January 2020 - 08:54

This is such an important project - it would be so easy for this treasure on the shingle to disappear forever and it is remarkable it is still so well preserved 26 years after Derek Jarman died.
The idea that this campaign could protect it forever is brilliant. I hope it is successful!

Art Fund

26 January 2020 - 08:39

Kevin, thanks for your comments.
You are absolutely right to point out that it is imperative that the true character of the cottage is preserved using relatively inexpensive materials in keeping with its style.
Our target to raise £3.5m is to protect the cottage, garden and contents in perpetuity. And so this sum comprises not only the cost for purchase of the cottage and garden, over 40 works of art by Derek Jarman and others and the Prospect Cottage Dungeness Archive, but also the funds to establish a long term but modest income to cover repair and maintenance and an ongoing programme of artists’ residencies and public access for many, many years to come. We're very mindful this vision must be in keeping with the spirit of the cottage and the wider location that was so important to Jarman.
Thank you for sharing your experience of being in Dungeness with Derek Jarman and your helpful comments.

Kevin, London

26 January 2020 - 00:52

I can’t see we’re it’s going to cost anywhere near 3.500 million pounds to preserve this iconic building having visited it many times and actually spending an evening sitting on the beach with derek jarman fishing for COD one winter in the early 80s the cottage is small and wouldn’t cost any more than ten thousand to preserve and having met the man and chatted about life at dungeness the building should stay exactly as it is just the way derek left it and more importantly why he choose to live there , and any visitors centre should be built using the same materials and methods as his cottage to build a visitors centre that doesn’t fit in with the other buildings on the shingle coast would not only ruin the location but go against everything that derek jarmen believed it should be kept and was in fact the reason he choose to make his home there in the first place, and the money can be used to save other under threat art works and or buildings the simplicity of his home and surroundings was what gave him inspiration to write and create his unique garden he wouldn’t want that to be compromised by building a visitors centre/ study centre in any other way or in any other materials other than WOOD just saying kx

Alison, Dungeness

25 January 2020 - 13:32

Clive. It is curious but I have come across a number of instances where solicitors haven't done the paperwork with the Land Registry.

Alison, Dungeness

25 January 2020 - 13:29

Having thought things through further, re-read Tilda Swinton's reference to Derek Jarman's "supremely contrary nature," and had a good chat with a friend, I have modified my view. I think Prospect Cottage should be saved in the manner put forward by Art Fund. However, I also think it important to question and discuss propositions and projects.

Clive, London

24 January 2020 - 22:23


The LR title for the cottage was ‘last changed on 4/9/19’. No sale price has been recorded (compulsory since 2000). The property is listed as freehold.

My theory that ‘Derek Jarman’ might be the trust and this took over on that date would fit the above. If not, it’s curious.

Clive Power

Art Fund

24 January 2020 - 21:16

Thanks for your comments. I can confirm we’re in close touch with EDF.

Alison, Dungeness

24 January 2020 - 20:47

Clive, London, sorry, in fact Keith Collins set up a trust rather than leave the property to his husband, and, as someone pointed out to me, rather than leave the burden of decision with his husband.

Alison, Dungeness

24 January 2020 - 20:44

To Art Fund. Thank you for your voicemail and the comments above. (Somewhat ironically I was at a painting class when you phoned!) I appreciate Tilda Swinton's comments and she was of course a close friend of Derek Jarman but my comments still stand! As said, I think paying for artists or writers to be in residence is great but am still cautious about guided visits however infrequent. Has anyone checked yet with EDF, the freeholder about bringing yet more people and traffic onto the private estate?

Alison, Dungeness

24 January 2020 - 20:40

To Clive, London. I looked into the fact that Derek Jarman still appears on the Land Register as the registered proprietor. However, this is simply because no-one has yet notified the Land Registry to update this. Derek Jarman left Prospect Cottage to Keith Collins and Keith left it to Keith's husband, who will now probably sell it to the trust fund. You're quite right that we will all be able to see the price on the Land Register in due course.

Clive, London

24 January 2020 - 18:48

Thank-you for engaging, Stephen, and I can see the need for a good sum for an endowment - the income derived from such will be paltry, at present, as you state.

You don't want to say what is being paid for the cottage – ok, but it will become public knowledge, via the Land Registry, a few months after sale.

And the Land Registry also gives details of ownership. The last update for the cottage was late last year and the recorded owner is ‘Derek Jarman’.

The deceased can't own property so I can only presume that is the name of the Trust, the ‘Derek Jarman Trust' although the listing (curiously?) is just his name.

Clive Power

Art Fund

24 January 2020 - 18:20

Thank you for your comments, Alison. We’re very alert to the fragility of the house, garden and the wider Dungeness estate and keen not to overwhelm it with visitors. So while it will be exciting to offer guided visits these will be limited in frequency.

Meantime, we are heartened by the words of Tilda Swinton, Jarman’s collaborator and friend, on the proposed plans for Prospect Cottage: ‘For what it’s worth, and in honour of the supremely contrary nature of my friend, I feel fully confident that he would be extremely enthusiastic about the generosity of this vision for the continuance of the life of his beloved Prospect Cottage as a possibility for future artists, thinkers, activists, gardeners to gain from it the practical and spiritual nourishment it lent him and for which he was - and is - eternally grateful.'

Alison, Dungeness

24 January 2020 - 13:48

I have conflicting views of this project. I appreciate the huge importance of Derek Jarman and the value of paying for artists and writers to be in residence at Prospect Cottage. However, I'm unhappy at the idea of guided visits. People in residence are (generally) quiet; visits are often not. I dislike the idea of deifying Derek Jarman, who was pointedly anti-establishment. In one way, I should quite like the cottage to remain in private ownership although I can see that any buyer now or in the future might deify Jarman even more and do so quite crudely compared to Art Fund. I live on Dungeness and am troubled by the fact that it is becoming more and more gentrified, designer-led, self-conscious, precious and expensive, yet fewer and fewer dwelling owners actually live here. I didn't know Derek Jarman (before my time here) but his life here as revealed in his diaries strikes me as being carefree, untrammelled, fun and vibrantly creative. Having a kind of museum is, unfortunately, anything but.

Matthew, Kettering

24 January 2020 - 13:27

I’ve donated. Jarman was a cultural polymath and his legacy should live on. You can’t really put a price on all that he created, I’m not worried how much Zoopla values the place for or any of that.

Gill, London

24 January 2020 - 12:35

Hi Stephen, that's helpful as I wondered about this myself, but it appears most of the money will go towards ongoing support to artists and upkeep and maintenance rather than to the current owner of the cottage. It would help the fundraising campaign to make this clearer, and break down the way the money is being allocated as there's a general sense of why so much and what for?

Stephen, Ashford

24 January 2020 - 11:01

John, Clive and others - thank you for these very pertinent comments and enquiries.

First, can I explain a bit more about the sum of money required, and what it covers? The total figure of £3.5m comprises a number of components: the purchase of the cottage and garden; over 40 works of art by Derek Jarman and other artists; the Prospect Cottage Dungeness Archive; the establishment and funding of long-term programme of artists' residencies and public access; and a building repair and maintenance programme. The cottage is being sold to Art Fund (before passing immediately to the custodianship of Creative Folkestone) by the Trustees who were appointed by Jarman's companion Keith Collins, before his own death in 2018, for the benefit of his surviving spouse and for use by artists and others.

As you would imagine, the biggest expense by far within the total is the creation of the endowment to fund the ongoing programme (for artists, for free and/or guided public access, and for maintenance) in perpetuity. Interest rates are not high at the moment so we need a substantial sum to provide a working income for this purpose. The target we've set for this within the campaign total is the bare minimum needed to make that programme happen, and for it to be sustained long into the future.

I believe the public benefit will be huge. It's not just about ensuring that people can continue to have free access to the garden at any time, or creating a schedule of guided public visits inside the cottage; the artists who take residencies here will ultimately produce work that will enter the public realm in a variety of ways as the years pass. I do believe that what we are planning to do here is of really great significance, and will bring pleasure and inspiration to infinite numbers of people as the years unfold.

I'm not going to test your patience by commenting further - this site is for you, not us! - but I hope this sets things out a little more clearly.

Regards - and heartfelt thanks to all who are supporting us - Stephen

John, Eastbourne

24 January 2020 - 08:26

Stephen, I used to be a programme manager in regeneration with an annual budget of over £4m. I've no detailed knowledge of the art world, but significant experience in project appraisal and review. Based on that and the capital acquisition costs highlighted as within expected range for similar assets by Chris, plus re-development and associated management costs, the project budget is well outside expectations. The notion of supporting an administrative body and infrastructure to oversee the thing in perpetuity raises questions of law, representation and accountability, but seems to me to be of limited wider public benefit, and the link to raising the profile of Dungeness is tenuous.

Clive, London

24 January 2020 - 03:21


You staff may have mentioned that I have also been asking question directly to them about, as 'John from Eastbourne' calls it, the 'fully-costed plan'. I regret that the answers I have received have been without any more detail than from yourself - just an outline of the what will be done.

Zoopla values the house at £450Kish. I appreciate this is very rough, they would have little to compare it with (although other property nearby is a lot cheaper) and it's not any old cottage. but that of Derek Jarman. There is also the other matters that will be paid for - but even so, it's a big difference.

Could you please tell us how much will be paid for the cottage? And, also, who will the cottage be bought from?

Clive Power

Katharine, Bath

23 January 2020 - 22:57

I'm a curator in a local authority run gallery. I've had dealings with the Art Fund through my work. They are always very (but appropriately) careful in fundraising for projects. They ask searching questions of organisations wanting support and always want reassurances that the projects that they help fund are well run, carefully planned and have the public interest at heart. Anything that they coordinate will be carefully planned, sustainable and worth supporting. If they are asking for 3.5 million for this project, that will represent the money that is needed and it will be spent wisely.

Stephen, Ashford

23 January 2020 - 19:59

Yes, happy to give details. £3.5m is the total sum that will cover not only the acquisition of the Cottage, garden, and the important art and archive collection within, but also establishes a fund that will provide a programme of artists' residencies and public access (as well as building and garden maintenance) in perpetuity. We thought that it would be pointless to acquire the building without securing its future - and guaranteeing public benefit forever - in this way, even though it is costly! We are deeply grateful to everyone for their support. The initial response has been amazing..

Stephen Deuchar (Director, Art Fund)

John, Eastbourne

23 January 2020 - 19:57

Seems like a lot of money to restore a tin hut and a tract of pebbles. Before donating to anything so obscure and opaque, I'd like to see a fully costed project plan. Others may be more trusting.

Richard, LUDLOW

23 January 2020 - 14:52

Please give details of how £3.5 million will be spent.
Richard Caithness

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